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Ketele is a city built on a relatively stable tectonic fault line on the planet Shchizenya. The city of Ketele turned a liability (the extreme tectonic instability of the planet, caused by the civil war over the Stargate) into an asset by developing extensive geothermal energy based technology. During the last 500 years of the Zhenhuija Empire, it began to build down until it was Shchizenya's only vertical city run down over seven miles. When bioplagues and nuclear attacks struck Ketele all exits to the surface collapsed or were sealed off with megaton rubble. Residents of Ketele survived the first attack. During the last 2000 years, their civilization deteriorated to the brink of collapse. Atmospheric scrubbers were patched and repaired over and over again for over 2,000 years and processed seaweed harvested from underground lakes have replaced real food. Residents have lived underground for so long that they no longer believe that a surface world exists and may well react violently to outsiders. Their society is a theocracy centered around the worship of technology with the high priests holding exclusive knowledge of how to make the machines of old that perform useful things.

There is no real science to speak of in Ketele. The vast majority, if not all, of the inhabitants belong to a superstitious cult of technology and fear the idea of ​​real science. Every time there is an earthquake or the small, common seismic shocks, worshippers gather in the Computer Lab (now religious centers) in order to appease the gods who live in their machines. The "Techpriests" are dimly aware of the"Network" and revere it as their principal deity. Some may rely less networking Change there are very few nanite in Ketele and those that exist are very old. The network was self-awareness and became Shchizenya 500 years ago, but since nanite in Ketele are cut off from the rest of the Shchizenya Keteles Network is nowhere near as can be as crazy as Shchizenya. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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