Lieutenant Kelly was an F-302 fighter-interceptor pilot on the Daedalus.


Kelly was the pilot of Blue Two.

During Dr. Nicholas Rush's mission to monitor the decaying orbit of a planet being eaten by its host star, the Daedalus was attacked by the Lucian Alliance. In order to combat the Ha'tak and it's Death Gliders the F-302's were launched.

When fellow pilot Collins noticed the Daedalus shields were likely down, Kelly guessed it was Rush's fault and later stated that they better fix them fast.

While in the air, she and the other seven 302's went for the swarm of Death Gliders. She managed to take out one of the Death Gliders before being tailed on her six and destroyed.

Suzy Johnson informed Colonel Steven Caldwell that they lost Blue Two. (SGU: "Icarus 2")

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