Dr. Katie Brown was a member of the Atlantis expedition. A botanist, she had been involved with Dr. Rodney McKay for about two years.


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Before their first date, Dr. Rodney McKay had Lt. Laura Cadman's consciousness in his mind after an incident off-world. At one point, Cadman took over McKay's body and kissed her. (SGA: "Duet")


After the incident, McKay avoided her, but after a year, McKay made an effort to see her. On the mandatory rest day, he canceled his fishing trip with Dr. Carson Beckett in order to have lunch with her. He had to cut the lunch short when Dr. Harriet Hewston exploded. (SGA: "Sunday")

Their relationship seemed serious. She even named a plant she discovered after him called Rodneyana villosa. She was affected by the Kirsan fever, as were the rest of the Atlantis expedition and lost her memories, which later returned. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")


At one point, McKay was thinking about proposing to her, but after they were stuck during a Quarantine lockdown, he decided to put it on hold. However she misconstrued that as a roundabout way of him breaking up with her, and transferred back to Earth. McKay didn't even realize his mistake until later when Doctor Jennifer Keller and Colonel Samantha Carter pointed it out to him. (SGA: "Quarantine", "Trio")

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