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The Karrans are a primitive Human race in the Pegasus galaxy, from the planet Karra. They are allied with the Wraith, but despite this, the Tau'ri of the Atlantis expedition insist they watch over them. (SGA: "Wraithfall 3")

The Karrans worship the Wraith as their gods and have done so for centuries. They used to worship the Ancients but that was long ago, before they converted to the Wraith.

The Karrans perform a ritual known as Wraithfall. This is a deal with the Wraith, where they offer five of their people to them every three months. Those selected are then considered an Honored One, and are given a Holy medallion of Karra. When they are then taken into a Wraith Dart. It is considered a happy occasion.

The time spent in between a Wraith Culling, where the Wraith don't show up, is sad for the Karrans, as they miss performing the ritual, due to it being a part of their culture. (SGA: "Wraithfall 1")

Despite the Karrans being content with their arrangement, Major John Sheppard, Aiden Ford, and the Atlantis expedition intervened with the Wraith, driving them from their base of operations in an Experimental laboratory on Vohl. An act which was criticized by both the Wraith and the Karran Honored One Dakh. (SGA: "Wraithfall 3")

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