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Kar'tek, designated TC9-173 by the Tau'ri, was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which held a Stargate. Decimated after the native Volca opposed the Goa'uld, the world was turned into a graveyard planet for Gua'uld exiles. One such exile, Mars, rose to subjugate the native species and control the planet but was finally defeated due to the combined efforts of his own senate and SG-1.


Early historyEdit

Once home to a thriving population of Volca who opposed the Goa'uld, Kar'tek was turned into a desolate planet for daring to oppose the Goa'uld. Since then the Volca and another native species, the Mar'kak, survived by scavenging anything they could from their near-lifeless world. Ever since the attack, the Goa'uld used Kar'tek as a graveyard planet where they would send traitors who questioned their might. The Unas-hosted symbiote Ulysses was one such traitor, who was exiled to the planet after his master was destroyed by Ares. The Volca attributed their ability to phase through objects to Ulysses and though it is unknown if he did in fact give them this ability, he was in possession of a piece of technology which could mimic the ability for a short amount of time.


The native Volca on Kar'tek.

Rise of MarsEdit

Some years later, Mars too was banished to Kar'tek by Ares for attempting to usurp his 'fathers' position. Once on Kar'tek Mars discovered the local Volca, and their phase-based resistance to being taken as hosts, as well as the native Mar'kak. Because of the lack of suitable humanoid host bodies, Mars instead chose to build cyborg bodies with Mar'kak as their biological component and he, along with any others who were banished to the planet and chose to serve him, entered these Mar'kak and took control of their cyborg bodies. It was through this method that Mars managed to rebuild his civilization, basing it on that of the Roman Empire, and enslave the native Volca.

Mars's civilization grew through many generations, and he soon ruled over the entire planet as his own. Despite this fact, dissent soon grew within the populace and even within Mars's own senate. Some Volca even managed to break free from their slavery in 1998 and, while escaping Mars's Jaffa—led by his First Prime Augustus—came across the long-forgotten chaapa'ai. Though they had used their phase-shifting ability to pass through the rock surrounding the Stargate, and had escaped the Jaffa, Aemon became curious to see if the cyborgs were still following. Despite his father Etahy speaking out, Aemon put his head through the rocks. It was this very act that led the Jaffa to the chaapa'ai, and allowed them to capture Aemon.

Contact with the Tau'riEdit

Soon afterwards, having discovered a vo'carr containing the gate coordinates for Kar'tek on another planet, the Tau'ri sent a MALP through the Stargate as a scout. The MALP soon recorded the Volca's natural ability and, as such, the Tau'ri sent SG-1 to the planet in an attempt to establish trade relations with the Volca. As the environment on Kar'tek contained more sulfur particles than Earth, perhaps due to the Goa'ulds previous attack on the planet, SG-1 chose to wear environmental suits in case the area away from the Stargate was unbreathable.

Upon stepping through the Stargate, Daniel Jackson discovered a coordinate map similar to the one on Abydos which had the address for Earth at the top, along with a warning not to step through for fear of death. While Daniel was examining this, Jack O'Neill and Teal'c discovered signs of the recent disturbance between the Volca and Mars's Jaffa. It was at this time that Etahy revealed himself to the Tau'ri, warning them to run before they were captured. While Etahy was explaining this, the Jaffa returned and entered into a firefight with SG-1.


The Stargate on Kar'tek.

Though Etahy managed to escape by phasing through a nearby wall, SG-1 were captured by the Jaffa who vastly outnumbered them. Augustus, recognizing the intruders as Tau'ri, decided to take the group to Mars. It was then that Etahy returned, quickly dragging Daniel through the wall with him and allowing him to escape. Augustus ordered his Jaffa to secure the chaapa'ai, and kill any other Volca who materialized, before taking the rest of SG-1 to Mars' palace. O'Neill acted up on the way, but was quickly struck down by Ganthus before he was able to do anything, though Teal'c quickly stepped in to protect his friend. Augustus immediately warned them that, if not for Teal'c mark as the servant of Apophis, they would be dead.

Mars was pleased to see the Tau'ri once more kneel before him, especially so soon after the lost chaapa'ai had been found, and was curious if Teal'c was acting as a representative of Apophis, seeking an alliance against Ares. Upon hearing that the group "served" a Republican term, he assumed that Ares had fallen to his advisers and the senate now ruled Earth. He then planned to take Jack O'Neill as his new host in order to enact his vengeance though Areleus, a member of his own senate, thought that the decision should be discussed in the senate proper before any action was taken.

It was at this point that SG-1 chose to attack, stealing staff weapons from Mars's Jaffa and firing them on their former holders. They did not succeed, however, and only managed to wound Mars's First Prime Augustus before their attack was brought to a halt. This act of violence earned Teal'c a place in the pits, and Areleus was sent with him for his defiance of Mars's will. Mars still planned to take O'Neill as his host, but ordered that he watch his friend die in the colosseum first.

Ulysses Cave

Ulysses in an underground cave on Kar'tek.

During this time, Daniel had been taken underground to Ulysses by Etahy, who he found to be another Goa'uld, to seek his help. Ulysses informed Daniel of his past and presented him with a phase shifting device, less powerful than that of the Tollan, but refused to give any aid himself. Daniel and Etahy left Ulysses and set out for Mars's palace in order to save their friends and family.

Senate uprisingEdit

Meanwhile, back in the coliseum, Teal'c took on the legends in combat. At first he fought with some difficulty, taking on the seemingly invincible Minotaur, but soon found a weak point and took it down. He then went on to face Medusa, cutting off some of the robotic snakes on her head before eliminating her too. It was only when he came to the Hydra that he encountered any real problems, as it got the better of him. Just as it was ready to kill him, however, Teal'c was saved by the Jaffa on the Mars's senate who chose that time to rebel against their "god", attacking the Hydra before it could finish Teal'c.

Teal'c and the members of the senate escaped the coliseum, angering Mars further to the point where he issued the death of every member of the senate. He immediately ordered his Jaffa to hunt down the traitors so that he could rip the symbiotes from them with his bare hands. No longer willing to wait, Mars also took this time to prepare O'Neill as his new host.

Though Teal'c and the other members of the senate managed to escape into the city, where they discussed what their next action would be, they were soon found by Mars's Jaffa who killed Jolian and took the others as prisoners to face Mars's wrath back in his palace. Once there, Mars chose to let them live so that they could witness him taking O'Neill as his new host. This may have been the end for SG-1 if not for the timely arrival of Daniel Jackson and his Volca allies.

Volca uprising

The Volca dragging Mars's Jaffa into the walls of his palace.

Arriving through the very walls of the building, the group dragged Jaffa backwards into said walls before letting them go; the Jaffa died instantly by coming back into phase inside solid objects. O'Neill took this moment to attack Mars with an energy sword but the attack was for naught as Mars raised an energy shield from his kara kesh, instead pushing O'Neill away with one of the device's other functions. Although both Teal'c and Samantha Carter attempted to assault him physically, it was the actions of Etahy that stopped Mars; he simply phased his hand into the creature inside Mars' chest and ripped a hole into it.

While Etahy was reunited with his son, the members of Mars's former senate asked Teal'c to stay behind to help them rebuild. Teal'c refused the offer, however, as his place was with the Tau'ri. Instead, Daniel introduced the members of the senate to Etahy, informing them that he could take them to a person who could help their two cultures build a new civilization together, free from the oppression of the Goa'uld; Ulyesses. Though Daniel wanted to stay to witness the evolution of a newly free civilization, O'Neill informed the group that they had to leave.

What none of them knew was that this was not the end of Mars. Areleus soon arrived at the scene of his death, along with Patrician who transferred Mars's symbiote from the dying Mar'kak into his own body. Mars, once again filled with life, announced to his Prime that they had much work to do. What happened to the civilization after this is unknown. (SG1: "Fall of Rome 1", "Fall of Rome 2", "Fall of Rome 3")

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