For the Athosian, see Kanaan

Kanan is the Tok'ra symbiote.



He blended with Colonel Jack O'Neill temporarily in order to heal his body, after a virus attack from the Ancient Ayiana found in the Antarctic ice. He was on a vital undercover mission when his host was fatally wounded. (SG1: "Frozen")

After achieving symbiosis with O'Neill, Kanan was confronted with O'Neill's concept of never leaving anyone behind. Having fallen in love with Shallan, the lo'taur of Ba'al, Kanan made a desperate attempt to free her. However, the mission failed, and Kanan left O'Neill's body. After SG-1 managed to free O'Neill, thanks to some help from Dr. Daniel Jackson and Yu, O'Neill finished what Kanan started and freed Shallan, who joined the Tok'ra to fight in his name. The symbiote is presumed dead, but O'Neill's consequent torture further soured his already dim view of the Tok'ra. (SG1: "Abyss", "Allegiance")

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