Kai Yizhi is a Goa'uld catering observed dome of Longinus. The primary caregiver of the observation dome, he spent many years as Lord Yu's personal caretaker, accompanying him to the summits and other Goa'uld functions. While the duty dictated that personal servants be turned out after some time, Yizhi served as favorite to Lord Yu, who decided to put him into a position where he could still employ his considerable talents.

Foremost among these talents are Yizhi's uncanny ability to move silently. He is an accomplished martial artist, but few have ever seen him hit another living being. The other employees in the observed dome is convinced that his protector and his ardent discipline has endowed him with the ability to see through walls and they live in fear of their disapproval. On more than one occasion servants have come to him to throw himself on his mercy and confess even the pettiest crimes so convinced are they that he already knows everything that happens inside the dome. Of course Yizhi know a surprising amount of information about the private doings of its sphere of interest thanks to the monitoring equipment installed throughout the structure. Every night he examines fastidiously all this intelligence, and forward to their master data that can be useful. The fact that it also leaves him with a wealth of information about their subordinates is just a fringe benefit with Yu's knowledge and connivance that allows him to keep the petty tyranny of their field. Personally Yizhi is quiet to the point of reserve and unfailingly polite. He stands just five feet fives inches tall with a topknot on the back of his bald head that adds another two inches in height, all of Jaffa he wears his master symbol tattooed on his forehead. He dresses in crimson garments embroidered on the edges with chrysanthemums and wearing brocaded slippers. He is always the first to be ritually greet arriving Goa'uld but unauthorized visitors will also see him not long after his capture. Even when violence questioning prisoners, even if his behavior does not change from its mask of stern civility if there is a point beyond which it is possible to shoot him. One of the first lessons that servant in th observed dome imparts his fellow man is "if Yizhi smiling run". (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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