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Kagan is a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and part of the Atlantis expedition.



In 2006, he was part of the team that traveled to M1B-129 to locate Major Leonard's team. He was injured after Leonard booby-trapped the Dial Home Device on M1B-129. Kagan suffered severe abdominal trauma and needed complicated surgery and blood transfusions, things Beckett was unable to do trapped on M1B-129 though he did his best to stop the bleeding. While under the mind manipulator's influence, Beckett imagined twice that Kagan flatlined, even having Kagan die on his once. In his hallucinations, Beckett was assisted by Barroso who had in fact actually died while Beckett focused on Kagan. Under the influence of the mind manipulator, Beckett ran off with Kagan to find help rather than help McKay shut down the Wraith device. After the mind manipulator was shut down, Beckett and Kagan were found by Sheppard and Beckett confirmed Kagan was in fact still alive to Sheppard. With the device shut down, Atlantis was able to make contact with the team and sent them the supplies they would need until the Daedalus could rescue them. With the supplies Beckett got, he was able to properly stabilize Kagan and Sheppard told Dr. Elizabeth Weir that Kagan was out of the woods and would make it. (SGA: "Phantoms")



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