The K'kaan were a divergent breed of Unas that had evolved intelligence after being abandoned by the Goa'uld on their world.

The K'kaan were not as hardy as their ancestors and lacked the claws present among the Unas but did have tough nails which they had to trim. They were both smaller as well as weaker compared to their parent race but were stronger than Humans. Generally, they were no more or less intelligent compared to Humans however their thought processes tended to be ordered and more logical. This made them good problem solvers, however, it also made them poor innovators.

One trait that makes them different compared to the Unas was that they were known for their cooperation as well as community minded behaviour. Though they did not possess the inquisitive nature or bravery of humans, there were members of their race that broke this pattern. Those that accomplish such tasks were respected for their accomplishments in relation to the group but were not admired on their methodology.

The K'kaan were generally peaceful in nature, however, this did not mean they shied away from battle. They were known to be extraordinarily self-sacrificing in order to protect the community they belong to and ensure its survival by fighting vigorously against an external threat. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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