Jumper 6, named by the Tau'ri, was one of the jumpers that were found in Atlantis by the Atlantis Expedition.


During a mission to Olesia, the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team took Jumper 6 with them. While on return to the Stargate, it was shot down by prisoners on the island the Stargate was located on using explosives made out of Olesian ore. The Jumper's main power systems were damaged, leaving the team stranded on the planet which had no DHD. Doctor Rodney McKay later determined that he could patch enough intermittent power from secondary systems to fix the DHD, but was interrupted before he could dial the Stargate by Torrell. When a Wraith cruiser approached the island, it was discovered that Jumper 6's intermittent power had gone out. McKay was able to patch enough power for Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to damage the cruiser with one of the Jumper's drone weapons. Jumper 6 was then abandoned on Olesia after a second Puddle Jumper with Major Evan Lorne and Doctor Elizabeth Weir arrived and dialed the Stargate for everyone to escape ahead of the oncoming Wraith cruisers. (SGA: "Condemned")

Jumper 6 was later retrieved and repaired, but lost power and crashed into Lantea's ocean during a test flight by McKay and Captain Hugh Griffin. Jumper 6 sank to the bottom of the ocean, killing Griffin, but McKay was ultimately rescued by Sheppard and Doctor Radek Zelenka. After the rescue, the powerless Jumper 6 was abandoned on the bottom of the ocean. (SGA: "Grace Under Pressure")

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