"I think I wanna go over there and punch him in the face."
Chloe Armstrong[src]

Josh was the ex-boyfriend of Chloe Armstrong.



Sometime before Chloe was stranded on Destiny, they broke up for unknown reasons, though Chloe suspected he left her for her best friend, Celina. When Chloe used the Long-range communication device to visit her mother, she later went to visit her friends, in McCormick's body, and claimed to be Chloe's "Cousin Liz", not knowing they were actually inviting Chloe herself. After they invited her to see Janelle Monáe in a club, she found out that Josh was seeing Celina for a while. After Chloe became intoxicated, she felt like punching Josh in the face. She later added that her father would definitely do the same. (SGU: "Earth")

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