Joseph "Joe" Faxon was an ambassador assigned to negotiate with the Aschen.



After being assigned to work with Stargate Command to forge links between the US and a newly discovered civilization, Faxon took an instant liking to Major Samantha Carter and asked her out to dinner. But when Faxon and Major Carter discovered that the Aschen were responsible for sterilizing the Volians, the Aschen advanced their plan to destroy the Earth's population. As the two tried make it back to Earth to warn them, Faxon told Carter to leave him behind so that she could make sure the SGC closed the Iris, preventing the Aschen's Biogenic weapon from reaching Earth. (SG1: "2001")

He was trapped off-world, but survived.[1]

Alternate timelines[]

  • In an alternate timeline in which Earth was a devoted ally of the Aschen and an Aschen biological weapon had virtually eradicated the Goa'uld, Joe Faxon and Samantha Carter were married. While investigating why they had been having trouble conceiving a child in 2010, Samantha discovered that the Aschen had sterilized over ninety percent of Earth's population. When she revealed this information to Joe, he admitted that he had known about the sterilization, but the numbers were only supposed to be a third of what they actually were; he defended his decision by pointing out that the Goa'uld would have totally destroyed Earth if the Aschen hadn't helped them win, but Sam knew that the only difference was that the Aschen way was slower. Samantha managed to convince him to obtain a GDO for her and the rest of SG-1 in order to assist their plan in thwarting the Aschen, but then Joe only agreed to give it to SG-1 if Jack O'Neill would promise him that Samantha would have no further part in what they were planning. Regardless of Jack's promise, Samantha threw herself into the plan once more after her former teammates died trying to get the message through the Stargate, and Faxon was forced to watch his wife die in the attempt to send a message back through time to prevent Earth's alliance with the Aschen. The attempt proved successful. (SG1: "2010")


  1. Joseph Mallozzi: "Joe Faxon: He's not dead. Trapped off-world, but definitely not dead."

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