O'Neill's house

O'Neill's house was the house in Colorado Springs, Colorado owned by Colonel Jack O'Neill. After an attack on Stargate Command by Apophis in February 1997, Major Bert Samuels traveled to this house to bring him back to the SGC to be debriefed by Major General George S. Hammond. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

A few months later, after a mission to Oannes, where Dr. Daniel Jackson was believed to have died, a wake was held at this house.(SG1: "Fire and Water")

In 2000, when O'Neill was forced to retire after stealing a Tollan weapons scanner, Colonel Harold Maybourne traveled to this house to recruit O'Neill for his rogue N.I.D. offworld team. (SG1: "Shades of Grey")

In 2003, Maybourne, now a fugitive, once again showed up at this house in an attempt to get O'Neill to help him get a pardon from the President. (SG1: "Paradise Lost")

A few months later, O'Neill was abducted by the Asgard Loki from his bedroom and replaced by a clone. (SG1: "Fragile Balance")

In 2004, after O'Neill using the Repository of knowledge for the second time, the three other members of SG-1 showed up at his house to check on him. During there conversation, Hammond arrived to announce that he had been replaced as commander of the SGC by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1")

In 2005, when O'Neill arrived home, he discovered that former Vice President Robert Kinsey had broken in and was waiting for him in his living room. (SG1: "Full Alert")

A week later, Joe Spencer also broke in and pulled a gun on O'Neill, claiming that he had ruined his life. (SG1: "Citizen Joe")

Several months later, after being promoted to Major General and being assigned to Homeworld Command, O'Neill traveled back to Colorado to sell this house and in the process played chess with Major General Henry Landry. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1")

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