"Hear this. The days of the Goa'uld System Lords are numbered"

Jolinar of Malkshur, commonly known as Jolinar, was a Tok'ra and the mate of Lantash; their relationship lasted nearly 100 years until her death. One of her hosts was Rosha. Her final host before her death was Captain Samantha Carter, a Tau'ri member of SG-1.


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"Not all Goa'uld are the same. There are a few that oppose the System Lords and their ways. You must have heard of the Tok'ra?"

Like Garshaw, Jolinar was different from the other Tok'ra in that she was not a member of Egeria's brood but rather a Goa'uld who broke past her genetic memory to fight her kind for the atrocities they committed. Similar to all the Goa'uld who joined the Tok'ra, Jolinar gained a title named after the battle that marked her rebellion against her masters. She was an underling of the Goa'uld Cronus and attempted to mount an open rebellion against her master during his conflict against Apophis. She had hoped that the inter-Goa'uld rivalry would allow her victory but was surprised when the two joined forces against her. She would manage to escape and the rebellion at Malkshur would be remembered as a disaster but one that sparked a sign of hope of freedom against the Goa'uld Empire. She would eventually join the Tok'ra and be known as the most famous of their number as well as one of the most hated by the System Lords. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")

Jolinar falling in Love

She discovered Martouf on one of Ra's labor camps and offered to free him in exchange for becoming host to Lantash. After arriving on the Tok'ra base, Lantash left his host of nearly two hundred years, Madoc, for Martouf. On Martouf's first mission as a Tok'ra operative, Jolinar's host Nihmat was killed and Jolinar was blended with Rosha. (RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two")

Jolinar of Malkshur

One of her more famous exploits was escaping Netu. She was captured by Sokar and sent to the moon, which was under rule from Bynarr. She managed to seduce Bynarr in order to escape, using his ring transporter to ring to Delmak where she stole a Tel'tak to escape. She was later found by her fellow Tok'ra in the Tel'tak, critically injured. After she eventually recovered, Jolinar did not mention her seduction of Bynarr to anyone, particularly Lantash and Martouf. Major Samantha Carter who had been the final host to Jolinar described that method of escape as "something worse than all the torture and the pain, something Jolinar never wanted Martouf to find out about". (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories")


"Some seek power for a greater purpose. Not every Goa'uld is an enemy to the people of this planet. The Tok'ra are real, no matter what Apophis has told you."
In the Line of Duty

Jolinar having possessed Carter.

Eventually, she was hunted by Edrekh, an Ashrak who was sent to assassinate her. She somehow abandoned her host and blended with a Nasyan male, Quinta, to avoid the Ashrak. When the Nasyans were under attack from the Goa'uld, several SG teams assisted in their evacuation including SG-1. Captain Samantha Carter found the male dying, and while performing CPR, Jolinar jumped host to Carter herself. When this was uncovered, she was incarcerated in the Stargate Command brig, where Jolinar attempted to bargain her way out, to not much avail.

Eventually, Edrekh, posing as TSgt. John Adams, found her and killed her with a Hara'kesh, which would end up killing both the symbiote and the host. Fortunately, Jolinar sacrificed herself to save Carter's life. After the ordeal, Carter was able to have some knowledge about the Tok'ra, can detect symbiotes inside human and other hosts, can use Goa'uld technology that requires naquadah in the blood and possesses Jolinar's memories, although she can't consciously access them. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty", "Need", "Demons", "Seth", "Jolinar's Memories")


Desperate to find his wife, Dr. Daniel Jackson presses Major Samantha Carter on Jolinar's claims to have known where Sha're was but Carter remembers nothing of Jolinar's potential knowledge in this regard. Later, when the System Lord Mat confronts SG-1, she claims to know what Jolinar stole from Cronus and that she will delight in watching Cronus take the location from Carter's mind.

Later, after Mat's death, Carter is hit by one of Jolinar's memories revealing that while undercover in Cronus' court, she accompanied Cronus on a mission to Mat's homeworld in order for Cronus to make a deal with Mat. Jolinar witnessed Amaunet trade information to Mat for a refuge. Carter realized that Jolinar and thus Carter really did know where Sha're was all along even though Carter couldn't remember it. (SG1: "The Barque of Heaven")

Jolinar apparition in Sam's face

After Jacob Carter is captured by Sokar and taken to Netu, SG-1 is recruited by the Tok'ra to try a rescue mission as Jolinar was the only one who ever escaped and Carter still had her memories and could access them with the memory recall device. During the mission and the following Battle of Netu, Carter learned the truth about her escape and that Bynarr apparently really did love her. Carter was forced to tell Martouf the truth and it bothered him greatly as Jolinar had believed. Bynarr still felt betrayed by Jolinar and tried to kill Carter in revenge, but was instead killed by his First Prime Na'onak who was really the former System Lord Apophis in disguise. In the end, SG-1 escaped Netu using Jolinar's knowledge of the moon's secret ring transporter and blew up Netu as they went, killing Sokar who was in orbit. (SG1: "Jolinar's Memories", "The Devil You Know")


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