This episode is part 1 of 2; it is followed by "The Devil You Know".

"Jolinar's Memories" is the twelfth episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


Martouf tells Major Samantha Carter that her father Jacob Carter has been captured by Sokar and sent to "hell", which is actually a prison moon Netu terraformed to make it resemble hell. Carter and the rest of her team plan a rescue but are later captured themselves.


Stargate Command is contacted by the Tok'ra and although Major Samantha Carter hopes that her father would come, Martouf visits them. He tells them that Jacob Carter/Selmak was captured by Sokar and sent to "hell"—actually Netu, the moon of Sokar's homeworld Delmak. The moon is a heavily guarded penal colony, and only one person has ever escaped: Jolinar of Malkshur. Sokar is gaining power in the galaxy, and as the rescue of Jacob might help undermine his power, SG-1 agrees to a rescue mission with Martouf.

Tok'ra Tel'tak

SG-1 travels to Vorash.

After going to Vorash using the Stargate, the team boards a Tel'tak to fly to Netu, since the moon doesn't have its own Stargate. The plan is for Teal'c to stay on board and monitor them, as they'll have to take escape pods to reach the planet and the ship only has four. During their journey, Martouf uses a Memory recall device to help Carter recover Jolinar's memories, since Jolinar never told anyone how she escaped. While it's activated, Carter sees memories of her father telling her about her mother's death, a romantic moment between Jolinar and Martouf, and an image of Sokar torturing Jolinar. They don't find any memories of the escape.

Netu 1


Arriving at the moon, the team takes the escape pods to the surface, where they enter a cave system. There they are surrounded by prisoners led by a Goa'uld named Na'onak. Recalling more of Jolinar's memories, Carter claims they're here to see Bynarr, the lord of Netu, who appears and has them imprisoned. Once locked in a cell, Carter explains that Bynarr is somehow the key to the escape. In the cell they also find Jacob, injured and weak from torture. Bynarr uses Transportation rings to Delmak where he meets up with Sokar and tells him about the new arrivals, whom he assumed were sent there by his lord. Sokar says he did nothing of the sort. On Netu Jacob reveals that Sokar has created a giant fleet to destroy the other System Lords two weeks after he was captured. SG-1 relays this to Teal'c; if they don't make it out, he can still pass the intel to the Tok'ra High Council. When Carter is taken to Bynarr, she has flashbacks about Jolinar, who seduced Bynarr in order to flee by using the Transportation rings in Bynarr's room. After a short interview he attempts to use his Kara kesh to kill her, but is unexpectedly shot by his First Prime Na'onak.

Carter is dragged back to the cell where she tells the others about what happened. They develop a plan to flee by using the Ring Transporter in Bynarr's room to reach the ones in the Tel'tak. They contact Teal'c, who is attacked by Death Gliders. The team breaks out of their cell and makes it to Bynarr's room, though Na'onak sees them. Lacking the key for the Rings, Martouf tries to hotwire the controls. Just before he succeeds, Na'onak and his soldiers walk in and capture them. Na'onak declares that he will be known again by his true name—removing his helmet to show the horribly scarred face of Apophis which leaves SG-1, Martouf and Jacob stunned.



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Notable quotes[]

Carter: It's my father.
Martouf: I'm afraid he's been captured by Sokar.
Carter: Oh my god.
Martouf: As far as we know, he is still alive.
Carter: As far as you know?
Martouf: You are familiar with the way Sokar has assumed the persona of the entity on Earth known as the Devil?
O'Neill: Yeah. Bit pretentious, don't you think?
Martouf: You must understand when I say that, if Selmak is still alive, he has been sent to Hell.
O'Neill: As in?
Martouf: A place of eternal suffering and damnation, from which there is no return.

Martouf: The Tok'ra believe that Sokar is about to launch a massive attack against the System Lords.
O'Neill: Isn't that good news?
Teal'c: The chaotic and feudal disorganization of the System Lords' fragmented rule is a far more vulnerable target than that of one powerful Goa'uld.
Martouf: Especially if that Goa'uld is Sokar.
Hammond: He's really that much worse than the others?
Jackson: Of all the gods he picked to impersonate, he chose the Devil.
Martouf: We need to find Selmak, and determine what information he has gathered about Sokar's planned attack. Without wanting to sound overly-dramatic, the fate of the galaxy may be at stake.
O'Neill: Sounds a bit overly-dramatic.
Hammond: Sounds like we can't refuse. Colonel, you have a go.
O'Neill: Yeah.
Carter: When do we leave?
Martouf: As soon as you are ready, if you are all sure you understand what you are volunteering for.
Jackson: You said hell, right?
O'Neill: Well I'm gonna end up there sooner or later; I might as well check out the neighborhood, huh?

Carter: This ship looks familiar.
Martouf: This is the same Tel'tak in which Jolinar was found adrift. It was severely damaged when we found it. The essential flight mechanisms have been repaired, however, the hyperdrive engines can only be run at forty percent without too much risk.
Teal'c: Is this vessel equipped with stealth capabilities?
Carter: The ship we were in could make itself invisible.
Martouf: Really?
O'Neill: It was an upgrade. You're obviously dealing with a base model here.
Martouf: Are you sure you can fly a ship such as this?
Teal'c: With great proficiency.
Martouf: While we are on the surface, you may have to avoid Sokar's forces.
Jackson: What, isn't Teal'c coming with us?
Martouf: He cannot. The atmosphere around the moon is impenetrable by ship. The only way to reach the surface is in the descent pods. It is how all the damned are sent to Netu by Sokar, and it is how we must also arrive if we are to convince the other denizens we can be trusted.
Carter: And there are only four pods.
Martouf: Correct.
O'Neill: This counts as a surprise, you know.
Martouf: Shall we embark?
O'Neill: By all means! To hell with us!

Jackson: Is it me, or is it actually getting hotter in here?
O'Neill: Uh, a little of both, probably.

(After being roughly cast into the Pit)
O'Neill: Thank You!! The smells keep getting better and better, don't they?

Apophis: (in a normal voice) You shall call me Nao'nak no longer. From this day forth I will reclaim my real name: Apophis.


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  • This was intended to be one episode but was so expensive that the production staff decided the only way to pay for it would be to split it up over two episodes by developing a second part. The second episode, "The Devil You Know", was written. Up to that point, it was almost as expensive for the two-parter as it was for the pilot, "Children of the Gods".
  • David Palffy (Sokar) also plays Anubis, another powerful Goa'uld, who will appear in later episodes and who shares many similarities with Sokar. This led to some confusion among fans when David's name appeared in the credits for "Revelations".
  • Peter Williams (Apophis) was only identified in the closing credits to keep his return a surprise to viewers.


Other languages[]

  • French: Les Flammes de l’enfer (1ère partie) (Flames of Hell (Part 1))
  • Italian: I ricordi di Jolinar (Jolinar's Memories)
  • Spanish: Los recuerdos de Jolinar (Jolinar's Memories)
  • Czech: Vzpomínky Jolinar (Jolinar's Memories)
  • Hungarian: Jolinar emlékei (Jolinar's Memories)
  • German: Jolinars Erinnerungen (Jolinar's Memories)
  • Croatian: Jolinarina sjećanja (Jolinar's Memories)

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