Johnny Cash was a famous Tau'ri musician from Earth. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard is a fan of Johnny Cash, and even has a poster of him in his living quarters (SGA: "The Gift")



The Johnny Cash poster is also seen in his bachelor pad he created during his illusion while under the influence of the mist aliens. (SGA: "Home")


In 2006, Sheppard asked if either Ronon Dex or Teyla Emmagan would like to keep his poster of Johnny Cash as a parting gift when they were faced with parting ways due to the return of the Lanteans to Atlantis. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1")

Alternate realitiesEdit

  • In an alternate reality, LVPD Detective John Sheppard had the same poster in his office. It was the only thing he took with him after he resigned in 2009. (SGA: "Vegas")


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Over the course of "Vegas", two of the background songs were Johnny Cash's "Solitary Man" and "Personal Jesus". "Solitary Man" plays twice, including over the ending scene.


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