"Yeah, we tricked you. But don't feel so bad. After all we almost had ourselves convinced."
―Asuran Sheppard[src]

John Sheppard (Organic Asuran) was an Organic Asuran (Nanite created humans) created by Niam's faction in order to learn the process of Ascension.



He was created along with the other members of his team. He began to suspect something was wrong when an Asuran probe crashed into the city and was destroyed by the Asuran copy of Major Evan Lorne. Later, he was sparring with Ronon Dex and was cut. He went to see Dr. Jennifer Keller but the wound was healed. He discovered he and the rest of his team were infected by nanites. Dr. Rodney McKay discovered a life sign on the city. It turned out to be Dr. Elizabeth Weir. At that time the Asuran version of Keller explained they were created using nanites and that Oberoth had found them. They were given the Core drive and fled in a Puddle Jumper. Sheppard attached the Jumper to the Asuran cruiser which took them to Asuras. Once there, they stole a ship and traveled to M34-227 and made contact with Major Jordan. He contacted Atlantis and the real Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team arrived. They gave him the core drive but the Asurans followed them. In order to allow the real team to escape they used the Jumper to divert the Asuran ship. They were shot before they could cloak and crashed. He was killed by an Asuran soldier. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil")

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