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Jinto is an Athosian, son of Halling and best friend of Wex.



He was the first native of the Pegasus galaxy to meet the Atlantis expedition, and was somewhat in awe of Major John Sheppard. (SGA: "Rising")

Jinto playing "Major John Sheppard" hunting "Wraith".
When the Athosians moved to Atlantis, he and Wex were playing a Hide and seek like game, with Wex being the role of the Wraith, while Jinto looked for Wex as Sheppard. However, Jinto accidentally got into a transporter which moved him to a lab, which was containing a Shadow creature that fed off energy. Jinto accidentally released the entity, but he was unharmed. (SGA: "Hide and Seek")


When Atlantis returns to the Pegasus Galaxy after the Battle of the Super-hive, Teyla visits New Athos and encounters Jinto. She is left stunned by how much he has grown. He is later seen working in the fields shortly before the Raid on New Athos. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

A few days after the Raid on New Athos, Jinto brings some Athosian goat milk to Atlantis in trade. (SGA: "The Lost")

Teyla reported to Sheppard that Jinto had been begging his father to allow Radek to take him as an apprentice. (SGA: "Inheritors")


A future Jinto returned through time to the Battle of Atlantis as part of a team including Torren John Emmagan sent to ensure Dr. Zelenka survives to repair the Control chair in time to save the city. In that future, approximately twenty years distant, Jinto was a grown man and had a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from an unnamed university on Earth. He apparently developed a friendly bond with Zelenka in the intervening years, which inspired him to seek Tau'ri education in Zelenka's field. Jinto went by the name "Dr. Hallingson" as an adult. (SGA: "A Blade of Atlantis")


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Behind the Scenes

  • In one of the alternate realities created by Charybdis, a grown Jinto was a friend of the real Teyla Emmagen and helped her out a lot. He and Wex discovered the alternate John Sheppard and brought him to Teyla. (SGA: "Mirror Mirror")


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  • It is unknown whether Jinto's future surname, "Hallingson", corresponds to Athosian custom or whether most Athosians do not use surnames (although at least Teyla does) and Jinto took the name in order to fit in on Earth when he went to study there. In any case, the name follows the ancient Scandinavian naming scheme (i.e., patronyms), the legacy of which can still be seen in many modern Scandinavian surnames. Athosian culture appears at least in part inspired by ancient Scandinavia, so the naming scheme may well be present in their society; else, Jinto may have found out about or been made aware of the Scandinavian custom when he arrived on Earth and needed a surname.
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