"Jimmy" was the first Wraith Commander whom the Atlantis expedition met. The Commander was one of several Wraith who served under the Wraith Keeper on the Wraith homeworld while the other members of his species were hibernating.



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In 2004, his people had captured several Athosians, as well as Colonel Marshall Sumner and Sgt. Bates. While they were waiting in a cell on board the landed Hive Ship, the Commander together with two Wraith warriors entered the cell and threw Sumner across the room, when he wanted to introduce himself. Afterwards he took an Athosian Toran with him. A short while later, the Commander returned and took Sumner to the Keeper to be interrogated. When the Keeper fed on Sumner to gain more information, Major John Sheppard shot Sumner to spare him from more pain but the Commander stunned Sheppard from behind and took him to the Keeper, where he was interrogated.

When Lt. Aiden Ford showed up and killed the warriors guarding the Keeper, the Commander was killed when he and a warrior ran into one of Fords' planted bombs. (SGA: "Rising")


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  • The name "Jimmy" comes from the director's commentary on the DVD.