Jewel Staite has appeared in many television projects including Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, and fan favorite Firefly, where she appeared as mechanic Kaylee, returning in the film Serenity as the same character.

In 2014, Jewel is married to Charlie Ritchie and they have a son Wilder Cathcart Ritchie who was born 9 December 2015.



Title Role Type Role Episode Note(s)
Serenity Starring Kaylee Frye
"Wonderfalls" Guest Star Heidi Gotts 1.09 - "Safety Canary"
1.10 - "Lying Pig"
1.11 - "Cocktail Bunny"
1.13 - "Caged Bird"
"Dead Like Me" Guest Star Goth Girl 1.14 - "Rest in Peace"
"Firefly" Starring Kaylee Frye All episodes
"So Weird" Guest Star Callie Snow 2.03 "Siren"
"Space Cases" Starring
Guest Star
Catalina 1.00-1.13 (Season 1)
2.03 - "Long Distance Calls"
"The X-Files" Guest Star Amy Jacobs 3.08 - "Oubliette"

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