Jessine is a female Lira-kean from Lira-ke . Like all Selket s priests Jessine has been injected with a small amount of naquadah, allowing her to work Goa'uld healing device without the benefit of a symbiote. But her abilities and position as one of four High Priestesses comes with a price: Selket has a history of taking her priestesses as hosts. Jessine I am also obliged to prepare Selkets often new hosts for holding a duty she finds painful and distressing. As one of Selkets inner circle she has no choice about his position : if she expresses desire to leave, she will immediately be made for treason and her body burned without ritual rites to speed her to the afterlife.

Jessine grew up in Selkets domain of Lira-ke and was proud and honored to be accepted for training priests. Forward quickly through healing schools she tapped advanced training and the go-ahead to use the Goa'uld healing device s at the end of its third year. Long experience has made her an accomplished trauma surgeon and give her exposure to different types of diseases and disorders. Even by the standards of the Tau'ri she would be considered a skilled physician. But Selkets policy has slowly soured her appreciation for her vocation. If a patient on Lira -ke is poor they go untreated if they offend Selkets officials they planned to "experiment" with the newest drugs, and if they are guilty of a crime they are being used as guinea pigs for new methods of torture that priests must witness and document . All this left her deeply unhappy before Selkets chose her as one of her personal High Priestesses.

Jessine know if Selket ever believes he is in immediate danger or simply wish to switch bodies, Selket she is a short list of potential hosts . Prolonged exposure to Selket and Ashrak has undermined their faith in the benevolence of her goddess and some Selkets personal peculiarities have led Jessine to challenge Goa'uld mind too. Selkets habit perform her previous hosts without compunction or ceremony objectionable even Jessines still tightly beliefs and if it were not for the fact that she has nowhere to go and know that Ashrak would chase her, she would have left Selkets services years ago. Knowing that Selket prefer her company to the other three priestesses does nothing to assure her of her safety, in fact, she believes that it is only a matter of time before she becomes the new "aspect " of her goddess. Not to trust anyone around her and grows more and more desperate, would Jessine be heading to suicide stinks, she would not immediately revived in Selkets sarcophagus and tortured to death right after. The prospect of outside help can move her to document the courage she would never be able to otherwise. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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