Rush Franklin

Franklin appears to Rush

This hallucination of Jeremy Franklin first began appearing to Nicholas Rush after his discovery of the bridge on Destiny. It only appears to Rush, and only on the bridge.


Compared to the hallucination of Gloria Rush, Franklin's purpose seems to be to call Rush's attention to details he may have overlooked in his study of the systems on the bridge. Rush generally considers him more helpful for this. Franklin will point out details Rush has missed, and hints where Rush should look to solve problems, but is evasive when it comes to actively helping Rush decipher the ship's system. Like Gloria, he questions Rush's decisions, particularly when Rush overrides the ships normal operation for his own purposes. Rush later reveals that he shut it off afterwards and that it was actually Franklin's consciousness acting as a program for the ship. This version of Franklin inspired Rush to download Ginn and Amanda Perry into the ship which allowed them to interact with the crew like Franklin was able to interact with Rush. (SGU: "Aftermath", "Pathogen", "Trial and Error", "Hope")

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