Jennifer Webber, formerly Jennifer Clark and better known as simply Jenny, was a hippie during the late 1960s and lover of Michael Clark.



In 1969, both Jenny and Michael were on their way to northern New York to attend the Woodstock concert. On their way in their bus, the two encountered SG-1, who had traveled thirty years back in time through an accident with the Stargate. Michael and Jenny took the team with them, with Jenny especially becoming friends with Captain Samantha Carter, whose hairstyle she liked.

When they reached the end of their travel, Jenny and Michael overheard SG-1 talk about their plans to get home, although the two believed that the team were extraterrestrials trying to return to their own planet. To cover the truth the team didn't correct them and played along. When it was time to part way, both Jenny and Michael wanted to accompany the team but SG-1 couldn't let this happen. When leaving, Jenny hugged Carter. (SG1: "1969")

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