Jean "Jeannie" Miller (née McKay) is a talented physicist, wife and mother; her decision to raise a family rather than pursue her career caused a good deal of friction between her and her older brother and Chief Science Officer of the Atlantis Expedition, Dr. Rodney McKay. Their sibling relationship can be seen by how they refer to one another; "Jeannie" is what Rodney calls her, while Jean calls Rodney by his first name of "Meredith".


Background information[]

Born Jeannie McKay, she initially pursued a field of study not unlike her brother's, and showed considerable promise. Her plans changed, however, when she met Kaleb Miller, an English major who would become father of her child. Despite being headed for what her brother would call some "pretty exciting" grants, she chose to marry and devote her time to raising her daughter, Madison Miller. McKay strenuously objected to this choice, prompting a serious fight that led to them not speaking for about four years. Jeannie is left-handed. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")


Then, one day in 2006, while playing with Madison, she got "a notion" which led to a revolutionary new theoretical

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math proof about bridging parallel universes. Though she doubted the concept would have any practical application, she sent the proof to Professor Graeme Peel at the California Institute of Technology after Kaleb advised her to do so; it eventually came to the attention of Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, who attempted to enlist Miller's assistance in developing the concept.

Although she was cleared by The Pentagon for knowledge about the Stargate Program, Miller balked when asked to sign a Non-disclosure agreement, as she felt very strongly that it was wrong to get proprietary with scientific knowledge. When Dr. Rodney McKay returned from Atlantis to convince her of the importance of the work, she still insisted that she wouldn't sign the agreement until he told her what was going on. Eventually, McKay had her beamed onto the Daedalus. This proved suitably convincing, and she agreed to sign the agreement — though she did nonetheless tell Kaleb.

During the three weeks spent in hyperspace en route to Atlantis, she and McKay managed to refine her theory into a workable model, and planned the necessary modifications to a containment chamber already present in Atlantis. After the experiment resulted in dangerous exotic particles threatening a parallel Atlantis, she was also involved in developing a method to close the bridge before one or both universes was destroyed. Throughout the process, she was still occasionally irritated by her brother's self-centered mannerisms. They eventually did reach a reconciliation of sorts, before Miller returned to Earth on the Daedalus. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")


In 2007, she was kidnapped by four masked men from Devlin Medical Technologies, headed by Henry Wallace, who tapped into her e-mails about nanite coding and needed her to shut down the nanites that were killing his daughter, Sharon Wallace. After Rodney was also captured, he initially tried an escape, but they were both caught and taken back. Wallace urges them to complete the program by injecting Jeannie with the same nanites Sharon had. After finally getting rescued, they managed to shut down the nanites, with the help of "Todd", before the nanites could stop her brain to repair her epilepsy. After this incident, she emotionally blackmailed Rodney into buying her a Prius. (SGA: "Miller's Crossing")


In 2008, she was called to Atlantis when her brother was diagnosed with Second Childhood. She heard of Ronon Dex's plan to cure him, by sending him to Talus, which houses a shrine. Dr. Jennifer Keller originally opposed the idea, since the planet turned into a Wraith outpost. However, Jeannie later pointed out that she is McKay's next of kin, and decided to send him there so that he could be cured. Once there, she modified the Life signs detector to detect the parasite in his brain so Keller could remove it. (SGA: "The Shrine")


After her brother is kidnapped by the Wraith, Doctor Radek Zelenka asks Richard Woolsey to contact Jeannie and ask her to come out on the Daedalus to help him find and remove all the backdoors that McKay has planted in the Atlantis computer systems. Zelenka tells Woolsey that he feels that Jeannie is the only person capable of understanding McKay's mind and finding them all and Woolsey agrees, having been delaying telling Jeannie about her brother's kidnapping. After McKay is revealed to have become a Wraith, Jeannie's presence becomes even more important and she embarks aboard the Daedalus as Earth's only remaining ZPM is aboard the Odyssey which is too far away to recall in a timely manner. (SGA: "The Lost", "Allegiance")

Alternate realities[]

Alternate timelines[]

  • In an alternate timeline in which Michael Kenmore succeeded in conquering the Pegasus Galaxy, she helped Rodney develop his calculations as he tried to come up with a plan to save the Pegasus Galaxy by leaving a message for John Sheppard when he arrived in the future that would allow him to travel back to the past. However, she eventually gave up on helping him because she felt that he was becoming obsessive, forcing Rodney to complete his calculations by himself. (SGA: "The Last Man")


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  • Kate Hewlett, who plays Jeannie Miller, is the real-life younger sister of British-born Canadian actor David Hewlett, who plays Rodney McKay. According to David Hewlett and Martin Gero, the script for "Hot Zone," in which she was first mentioned- when McKay thought that he was going to die and asked the expedition members to pass on a message to his remaining family-, had originally given McKay a brother instead, but he suggested changing the line "just on the off chance," with Kate in mind.

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