"He's a complete screw-up. He makes rash decisions based on sketchy evidence, he's clumsy in the lab, he's always late and quite frankly, it wouldn't kill him to ease up on the after-shave."
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Dr. Jay Felger is a scientist working at Stargate Command. He hero-worships SG-1 and is infatuated with Major Samantha Carter, although his assistant Chloe Angstrom is infatuated with him, something Felger himself remains oblivious to. He is a close friend to Dr. Simon Coombs. He previously worked as a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Felger and Coombs

Both Coombs and Felger are devastated when they learn that their rescue attempt for SG-1 had failed.

Felger, a physicist, was leading a team of other scientists, Dr. Simon Coombs and Dr. Meyers, in a project to excavate a ring platform on the planet P5X-112. While there, SG-1 was seemingly taken captive by a group of Jaffa who took them onto a ship in orbit. Even though Colonel Jack O'Neill had left them with specific instructions on what to do, Dr. Felger felt that he needed to be the hero and save the team upon witnessing the abduction. Felger didn't know that SG-1 had purposefully arranged to be captured so that they could get an audience with a Tok'ra operative, Khonsu, who had information about Anubis.

The Other Guys 1

Disguised as Jaffa, Coombs assists Felger in finding a way of freeing SG-1 from capture.

Felger sent Meyers back to Stargate Command to inform Major General George S. Hammond while he and Coombs used the ring transporter they had been working on to beam up to the ship. There, they located SG-1 and told them that they were there to help them escape. O'Neill was angry that Felger and Coombs ignored his orders, but after things went wrong on the mission, he was glad that they had decided to help. Felger and Coombs used their knowledge of Goa'uld technology and language to help SG-1 escape, after discovering for real, that Khonsu was killed by his First Prime, Her'ak. Both him and Coombs along with the rest of SG-1 managed to escape through the Stargate, before Her'ak and his Jaffa could capture them and bring them before Anubis. (SG1: "The Other Guys")


Later, Felger invited Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill to a demonstration of his latest project, a Plasma weapon, but the device failed and took out the power in the base. Major General George S. Hammond was on the verge of firing Felger because of his continual failures, but Carter asked that he give him one more chance, personally sticking her neck out on the line for him. Along with Felger's lab assistant, Chloe Angstrom, the three decided to use the computer virus called Avenger, to show that Felger had something worthwhile to offer. This virus ran inside the crystals of a DHD and would render the selected Stargate inoperative. Carter pitched the idea to Hammond and he reluctantly approved. They picked one of Ba'al's planets, P5S-117, where there was a Naquadah mine. They reasoned that if they were able to stop the flow of naquadah from this mine, then Ba'al's naquadah network supply would be severely disabled.

They sent the virus through and it did what it was supposed to do. However, soon, they found that all the Stargates in the network were becoming inoperative, disrupting Stargate Command operations as well. Three SG teams were stranded, including Dr. Daniel Jackson who was trapped on P3L-997, where the flood waters were rising, and Teal'c and O'Neill, who were stranded on P3C-249 in the middle of a brutal firefight.

Carter and Felger worked fervently to determine what went wrong. Since the SGC didn't use a DHD, they were the only ones who could dial out. They decided to send Carter and Felger to Ba'al's planet, P5S-117, to upload an anti-virus. When they got there, they discovered that it was Ba'al who had modified the original Avenger program and had taken down the Stargate network. He used this opportunity to attack his rivals in his many ships where there was no means of escape through the Stargate.

Felger uploaded a new program into the originally infected DHD and used the coordinate database to transmit the changes to the other Stargates. Eventually, the network would come back "online" and the DHD would operate as before, but with Felger's new anti-virus program to prevent this type of tampering again. Felger and Carter were rescued by O'Neill and Teal'c who had procured an Al'kesh.

Felger was so infatuated with Carter that he didn't realize that Chloe had admired him and had even become infatuated with him. Even though she gave him a good luck kiss before he embarked on his dangerous assignment, he was still too wrapped up in himself and his affection for Carter to notice. (SG1: "Avenger 2.0")


Jay Felger 1

Jay fantasizing about Carter.

Although his actions do not always show it, Felger is considered a brilliant scientist. He has some problems, however, separating his fantasies from his job.

He has built a small model of the Stargate and SG personnel in his home, much like one would build a miniature train set with its surrounding village.

He also fantasizes about Major Samantha Carter as a love interest and thinks that Colonel Jack O'Neill considers him a great friend although in reality, both O'Neill and Carter can barely stand Felger. (SG1: "The Other Guys", "Avenger 2.0")


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  • Jay Felger's mother: It is implied Felger has a critical and authoritative mother with controlling tendencies; she apparently calls him frequently at work (even on a classified phone number) and has a habit of berating him for his supposed failures. It is possible that Mrs. Felger's difficult personality is part of the reason for Felger's interpersonal and confidence issues. Nonetheless, Felger seems to genuinely care for his mother and confides his worries in her.


  • Samantha Carter: Brilliant, brave, and strong, Samantha Carter is Felger's romantic ideal. He frequently daydreams about her reciprocating his affection, and considers her "perfect". For her part, Carter is somewhat exasperated with Felger's antics but seems to be fairly friendly toward him.
  • Chloe Angstrom (not to be confused with SGU's Chloe Armstrong): Felger's lab assistant as of (SG1: "Avenger 2.0"), Chloe admires Felger's brilliance and is secretly infatuated with him. She is thus very dedicated to helping Felger however she can. Felger, for his part, seems to barely notice Chloe exists... at least until she kisses him passionately "for luck". Thereafter, she apparently becomes part of his romantic daydreams, and perhaps closer to him in real life.


  • Simon Coombs: Felger and Coombs are colleagues in the SGC labs and form an impromptu team in their ill-fated rescue of SG-1 (SG1: "The Other Guys"). They appear to be good friends, although Coombs seems to have low tolerance for Felger's daydreaming.
  • Jack O'Neill: Felger idolizes O'Neill as the leader of SG-1, all of whose members he seems to view as larger-than-life. After the events of The Other Guys, Felger seems to believe that there is an "unspoken bond" of friendship "forged in battle" between himself and O'Neill. O'Neill, on the other hand, can barely stand Felger and seems to consider him near-catastrophically incompetent.
  • George S. Hammond: As the base CO, Hammond has little patience for Felger's permanently behind-schedule research projects which tend to either yield no useful results or backfire. At one point, he even goes so far as to suggest Felger might be let go in the near future. Felger seems intimidated by Hammond.



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