"I refuse to see any more lives, be they Rand or Caledonian, senselessly lost to the archaic prejudices of a religious extremist."
―Jared Kane[src]

Jared Kane was a native from the planet Tegalus, a planet under the threat of a world war for several decades between the Caledonian Federation and his home nation, the Rand Protectorate. He was the Chief Aide to Commander Gareth.


Background informationEdit

He also had a wife named Leda Kane, who he paid less attention to over the years, since he was trying hard to restore the planet's already unstable political issues. (SG1: "Icon")


He was among those who welcomed SG-1 to Tegalus, after their Stargate opened in their museum. When Dr. Daniel Jackson learned of the impending war, he decided to help, regardless of Kane's warnings to stay out of this. However, it did not matter when a religious group led by Soren attempted and succeeded in storming the underground bunker, in order to attack the Caledonian Federation. During a shootout, Kane was shot in the leg. However, Jackson managed to have saved his life, by tending to him and escaped. However, in the process, Jackson was knocked out due to an explosion. Kane and his men managed to have brought him out of the city into his home in the countryside.

While his wife Leda tended to Jackson, Jared sent his squad to search through the city for any survivors. Jackson later urged him to help him return the Stargate from Soren's control. He hesitated, but when he learned the Tau'ri would also send help, he agreed to help. He sent his squad to attack the bunker, to take control of it again. His team and SG-1 succeeded in surrounding Soren. However, since he was the one executed Gareth, the Rand's leader, Kane raised his rifle and killed him. He later possibly took charge until Nadal stepped in, and agreed to let SG-1 send the people supplies to help rebuild their civilization. (SG1: "Icon")


Over the next year, he helped rebuild the world, until his people were visited by a Prior of the Ori, who instructed them to build a satellite weapon to wipe out the Caledonians. However, Kane refused to have anyone else killed, since the Ori plague cost him his wife. He defected and contacted Earth for help. When President Nadal found out where he went, and that he took some of the plans to build the satellite with him, they urged him back to Tegalus to start negotiations, along with Dr. Daniel Jackson. However, they were taken under false pretenses and were arrested him. He could not convince his friend Commander Goran Pernaux to stop Nadal, after he maliciously planned to wipe out Caledonia before the deadline. After Nadal offered the Caledonians the Stargate, so that they could evacuate to another planet. When they regained control of the weapon Nadal wanted to fire on the Caledonians but Pernaux killed Nadal and the deal held. However, Rand and Caledonia later destroyed each other due to Ori intervention. (SG1: "Ethon")

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