Jannick was a Human in the Pegasus galaxy and an accomplice of Neeva Casol and Bordal.



He once became one of the two accomplices, of Neeva Casol, along with Bordal, where they visited planets, and stole valuable items, as well as several murders across the Pegasus galaxy, and therefore wanted by the Coalition of Planets. His life was once in danger from some unknown event on a planet known as Versall, where Neeva brokered a deal with a fish merchant to save his life. In 2008, the group traveled to a planet, where they broke into the vault, which contained a long-range communication device, where Neeva placed a long-range communication stone onto the device, and activated, where she has her mind swapped with Dr. Jennifer Keller. After Keller, in Neeva's body got caught by the magistrate, Jannick and Bordal fled, where they later rescued her from being executed. However, he soon became suspicious of Neeva, which was raised even more after Neeva, who was in Keller's body found them and told him and Bordal that she was Neeva. However, Jannick took authority and planned to get out of the planet to decide who is who.

However, on the way, they encountered resistance from the authorities, where Bordal was killed. For revenge, he was about to shoot, Neeva's body, with Keller's consciousness inside, when Neeva, in Keller's body stopped him, and he fled. After Keller attempted to run, she encountered Jannick, who told her that she was not Neeva. Keller told him he was right and tried to convince him that she is not his enemy. However, Jannick refused to listen and raised his weapon to her. Fortunately, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team was able to shut down the communication device, where Neeva returned to her rightful body. Jannick didn't believe Neeva, and was believed to have killed her, believing her to still be Keller. He is currently missing, but there is still a warrant for his capture on all Coalition planets. (SGA: "Identity")