Jamus was a leader for his people on a planet in the Pegasus galaxy.


Background information[]

He devoted his life to save his people from a Wraith attack, and helped build a pattern storage module, which was reverse engineered from a Wraith beaming device on their moon base.


When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team discovered the base, they revived him and Herick. When he told Herick that his wife and child did not make it, Herick used the shuttle to commit suicide. This caused the base to lose its orbit. When he realized that the pattern storage module was not a priority for Sheppard, he kidnapped Teyla Emmagan and placed her and himself in the storage module. After Sheppard landed the shuttle on the planet, he did not survive the rematerialization process because of injures suffered on the base. (SGA: "The Ark")

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