James Bond (also known as 007) is a series of movies from Earth about a Tau'ri secret agent.

In 1998, after Teal'c, who had been infected by an infestation fly and hid with Allyson Martin, recovered, she knew Teal'c worked on the "top secret James Bond stuff." (SG1: "Bane")

Colonel Jack O'Neill once made jokes about the planet Heramos being designated P44-007 which he was mocked for by both Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson, while Teal'c proved that he knew more about the films than any of them by quoting the films. (SG1: "Siren Song")

In 2007, when Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team examined a moon base, Sheppard described a shuttle as "very 007." (SGA: "The Ark")

The first movie is called Dr. No. Dr. Jennifer Keller seems to be a fan of the movies as, in 2008, she was rushing Dr. Rodney McKay in Janus' lab to see Dr. No on Atlantis' movie night before sitting behind Ronon Dex "again." (SGA: "Identity")

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