Jamala is a male Avnilian of the planet Avnil.




When SG-9 traveled to his planet in 1997, Captain Jonas Hanson convinced his people that he was a god and made them begin work on a temple. When SG-1 came to investigate SG-9's disappearance, they discovered him drinking from a creek. He informed them on Hanson's plan to "turn the sky orange" and block the dangerous UV radiation. When Teal'c recognized the technology, he assists him in locating the device. He and Dr. Daniel Jackson went to the Stargate, where Hanson was going to execute Colonel Jack O'Neill and Lt. Laurence Conner by sending them back to Earth through the Stargate without sending the IDC signal to deactivate the Iris. To prove Daniel's point that Hanson was not a god, he used Teal'c's staff weapon to shoot Lt. Matthew Baker. (SG1: "The First Commandment")

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