Jacek's Tel'tak is a Tel'tak used by Jacek.


After Jacek had failed to inform Stargate Command of all of the Naquadah-heavy Tel'taks, hoping instead to work with some of Arkad's Jaffa to split the bounty of one of the payloads. SG-1, however, became aware of his plan, and swapped one Tel'tak for this decoy without tipping off Jacek or Arkad's Jaffa. To the disappointment of Vala Mal Doran, who had hoped his desire to embrace new ideals was genuine, Jacek took the bait and departed Earth with the wrong ship.

Only after Jacek had executed the trade on another world did he discover the truth for himself -- that the Naquadah had been switched with lead bars and packing peanuts. Surprisingly, Jacek was able to prevent the deal from going south by convincing the trader that the normal packing peanuts were actually a potent aphrodisiac. (SG1: "Family Ties")

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