Irnas is an Ancient engineer who worked on Destiny. He is a part of Vasi's engineering team. He was the first Ancient on Destiny to fall ill.


Background informationEdit

Irnas worked on Destiny prior to the ship's launch from Earth's space dock. While trying to fix an issue with the power flow regulator, Destiny's automated launch sequence was activated, causing the ship to begin it's journey, leaving the team stuck onboard. With their location too close to the Earth's Stargate and the shuttles unable to make it to them safely, the group was advised to enter stasis and wait for the expedition teams arrival. (SGU: "Back to Destiny 2")


Later, Irnas and the rest of the team awoken to find the Destiny expedition. Irnas stood next to Vasi as she confronted Colonel Everett Young on why he was on their ship. Eli Wallace then noticed Irnas suddenly began to look ill, as he clutched his head and leaned against a wall. Concerned, Vasi ordered Young and Eli to carry him to the infirmary, where she could run a scan on him. His body was running a temperature and he showed many red signals on his scan but Vasi couldn't figure out the source. She sent Jota with Eli to get some of the Tau'ri doctors to see if they could help Irnas. After checking Irnas and the other Ancients that had begun to fell ill, Lt. Tamara Johansen believed they had symptoms of an infection but couldn't figure what it was either. (SGU: "Back to Destiny 2")

Later, it was revealed by Dr. Gary Guzzo that the Lantean's sickness was the common cold, but all the years spent in stasis made the Ancients immune systems unprepared for the bacteria's evolution. A synthetic Tretonin was made to help them. After the Ancient's were cured, they integrated with the Destiny crew.(SGU: "Back to Destiny 3", "Back to Destiny 6")

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