This episode is part 3 of 3; it is preceded by "Incursion, Part 1" and "Incursion, Part 2".
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"Intervention" is the first episode of the second season of Stargate Universe.


The Lucian Alliance takes over Destiny and exiles most of the Destiny expedition to a hostile planet within Stargate range. Dr. Nicholas Rush decides to use the binary pulsar as his final leverage against the Alliance and make them surrender.


A group of people are forced to evacuate to Destiny after an attack on Icarus Base by the Lucian Alliance, and are now trapped there. During the time on Destiny, tensions rise between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young, eventually causing a mutiny between the civilians and military. After a Nakai attack, the two groups must work together to prepare themselves for the next attack, for the crew's sake. After the discovery of Eden, several of the civilian crew led by Dr. Robert Caine choose to stay behind. After Colonel David Telford's brainwashing is broken, he reveals that the Lucian Alliance are coming to take Destiny. After a group of Alliance soldiers led by Commander Kiva and Telford gate to Destiny, they take several sections of the ship. Eli Wallace and Chloe Armstrong manage to flee to an unexplored section of the ship but Chloe was shot in the leg during the escape. Due to radiation from a nearby Binary pulsar system, Destiny is unable to jump to FTL. Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer are able to adjust the shield strength to block enough of the radiation but are trapped outside the ship. During Telford's attempt to return control of the ship to Rush, he is caught by Kiva and the two shoot each other. During a skirmish in the infirmary, Lt. Tamara Johansen is shot in the stomach.


Lt. Tamara Johansen inexplicably wakes up in a bed. After examining her surroundings, she clutches her stomach, remembering that she was shot. Not only is there no wound, she's no longer pregnant. Her baby begins crying, so she picks her up. Dr. Robert Caine suddenly greets her, happy to see her. She is confused, since he was left behind on another planet, but he explains that the aliens who made the planet can also transport people across galaxies. She is on the alien planet.

On Destiny, Eli Wallace reaches the airlock to let Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer back into the ship. However, they aren't there. Eli reports to Dr. Adam Brody and Dr. Nicholas Rush that Scott and Greer didn't make it. Brody quietly comments that there simply wasn't enough time, only for Scott's voice to suddenly come through the radio. He explains to Rush that, knowing they likely wouldn't make it to the airlock in time, he and Greer instead ran to the underside of the ship, where they were protected by the hull. Rush informs Eli of the development.

Before Dannic can execute the military personnel, Varro steps in and talks him down. Commander Kiva is badly wounded, and with TJ injured, there is no one to treat her. Dannic dismisses TJ as a liability, being military. Hearing this, Colonel Everett Young attacks Dannic in a rage, but is quickly pulled off. Dannic demands Young be killed, but Varro insists on keeping the prisoners alive. He suggests using them to call in doctors from Earth to treat Kiva. Dannic warns him that the prisoners will die if Kiva does.

Scott and Greer make it to the airlock, and Eli lets them in. As he comments that he figured them for dead, Chloe Armstrong suddenly walks in, having regained her strength. Eli checks the wound, which has stopped bleeding. Chloe asks what they intend to do.

Dr. Brightman, Dr. Zeigler, Dr. Finch & Dr. Timan.

Varro has Camile Wray, Dr. Dale Volker, and two others use the Long-range communication device to call in doctors to treat the wounded. Wray is taken over by Dr. Brightman, Volker by Dr. Zeigler, and Ryder and Kemp by Dr. Timan and Dr. Finch. He escorts them to the infirmary.

The FTL drive comes back on-line, the Shields having regained sufficient strength to protect the engines during the jump. Brody thinks this is a good thing, since the radiation is deadly, but Rush thinks otherwise. Meanwhile, Scott and Greer decide to go on recon, sending Chloe and Eli to meet up with Brody and Rush. He warns them to be careful, as the Lucian Alliance will have figured out Rush is missing. Eli tries to object, but Scott orders him to go.

In the infirmary, Varro asks about Colonel David Telford's condition, wanting to talk to him. The bullet went straight through, so he'll be fine, though he has not yet revived. Kiva, however, is not so well off. The bullet has lodged in her liver and she isn't likely to survive. Varro recommends they do their best to save her, for everyone's sake. His next question is about TJ. She is also badly wounded; her baby is still alive, but its heartbeat is very weak. She says they may have to remove the baby to save it, and even then cannot guarantee its survival or TJ's.

TJ questions the presence of the cabins, as their small group could not have conceivably constructed them in such a short time, much less made all the amenities within. Caine explains that the cabins were just suddenly there. TJ is surprised they just accepted them out of hand, but Caine says that without them they would not have survived the winter. He tells her that the aliens have been scanning them since the moment they arrives, and brought TJ to the planet to save her baby.

Varro enters the gate room and asks Ginn for a report. She informs him that the ship will jump in about 30 minutes, assuming that the shield adjustments are allowing it to jump safely. Over the radio, Brightman reports that Kiva is dead.

Meanwhile, Scott and Greer approach the Alliance forces. After hiding from a patrol, Greer comments that they need weapons. Scott says that there's something else they need more. Meanwhile, Brody and Rush hear someone approaching their position. Brody peeks outside to check, and comes face to face with Chloe and Eli. Brody questions the blood stain on Chloe's jacket, but she dismisses it as unimportant at the moment. She asks what they're planning to do to regain control of the ship, so Brody has Rush tell them his plan. Though Telford failed to transfer the ship's systems back entirely, they have some control over the power systems. Rush is diverting power from the shields. When Eli questions the wisdom of this, he explains that he needs to do so in order to disable the FTL. At the moment, the pulsar levels the playing field, being a threat to both sides. Without the shields to protect the ship, the Alliance will have to make a deal if they want to survive.

Dannic is prepared to make good on his threat to kill everyone now that Kiva is dead, but Varro argues that the original plan was to keep some of the scientists and drop the rest on a habitable planet. Simeon points out that Kiva's death wasn't part of the plan, but Varro counters that a killing spree won't help matters. He has Ginn tell them of a planet within range of the gate. Though it's locked out, presumably because it's near the maximum range of the gate, she can override it. Varro suggests that they check the planet out and leave the prisoners there if it's habitable. They'll keep the doctors, as they still have wounded men, and he argues that TJ should be kept, as well, since she can't be safely moved yet and he believes she could be a valuable asset later on. Simeon asks about Rush and the others that are missing. Varro states that the search parties will find them. Scott and Greer watch the entire conversation covertly through a Kino. Scott notes that they need to tell the others.

TJ questions how Caine can know what's happening on the ship. He says he just does, assuming the aliens to be responsible. Dana and Peter enter the house to see the baby. Caine invites her for a walk while they watch the baby.

Telford awakens in the infirmary, and is greeted by Simeon. Telford asks about Kiva, and is told that she is dead. Simeon interrogates him about the circumstances of how they were ambushed. Telford claims not to have seen the attackers, even though, as Simeon points out, he was shot from the front. Telford simply claims that it was dark, and he was shot the moment he turned after hearing the first gunshot. Telford inquires about the ship, so Simeon explains the situation to him. When Telford brings up the prisoners, Simeon cryptically states that they'll be dealt with soon.

Varro informs Young of the plan to send the expedition off the ship. Young knows that they could not have determined viability in such a short time. Varro notes that Young doesn't have many options, and denies the assertion that it would be a death sentence. Anticipating Young's thoughts, he states that trying to escape now would be futile; Young would just get himself killed. He suggests that it would be best for everyone if Young were there to lead his people.

The Destiny expedition being forced off the ship.

The prisoners are sent through the Stargate. Young is last to enter, pausing to look at the gate room just before going through. They arrive on a rocky world with an approaching storm. Young checks on Sgt. Hunter Riley, who still has blood stains on his head. He says he'll be alright, and sarcastically comments that it's a nice place. Shelter is the first priority.

Eli is worried about Scott and Greer, believing that splitting up was a bad idea. Rush tells him to calm down. He hears someone coming and assumes it's them, but it turns out to be two Alliance soldiers. They report back to Dannic. In the gate room, Ginn notices that the FTL has shut down again. Dannic tells her to correct the problem, but she can't. Deeming her useless, he begins to choke her, but Varro interjects and gets him to stop. He orders Rush brought to him for questioning, while the rest are to be killed. Before they can carry out Dannic's orders, Scott and Greer subdue them. Over the radio, Rush explains what he's done to Dannic, and orders their surrender. Dannic immediately notes that everyone would die, but Rush coldly states he'd rather kill everyone than let him have the ship. Dannic throws the radio in frustration and orders a search. Varro again tries to reason with Dannic, but Dannic has lost his patience. He holds Varro at gunpoint, blaming him for the current situation. He has Varro disarmed, and asserts himself as the new commander.

Scott tells the group about what happened to the crew. Eli asks about the planet, but other than it being habitable he doesn't know. Chloe advocates doing something and Greer agrees, but Rush interjects. The crew is in the perfect position. On the planet, they'll be safe from the radiation. With the FTL offline, there is no risk of them being stranded.As for themselves, Brody explains that certain sections of the ship are better protected than others, such as the Hydroponics lab. By hiding there, they can survive the next burst. Damage to the ship will be minimal; organic matter will take the most damage. Scott points out that there are still a few people being guarded by the Alliance, and Chloe states that they can't just leave them behind. Scott decides to take Greer and rescue the remaining hostages, telling the others to go to the hydroponics lab and seal themselves in after 15 minutes.

On the planet, Lt. Vanessa James has located a system of caves that can provide shelter for everyone. Before they can depart, the gate activates. Varro and a small group loyal to him emerge from the event horizon. He explains the situation to Young. Without saying a word to Varro, Young orders the entire group to move for the caves. Varro tries to get Young's attention, but Young has no interest in speaking to him. Varro asserts that he and his men are in this position because he stood up for Young, and that Dannic would have killed them.

Scott and Greer reach the infirmary, where they find Wray, now back in her own body since Dannic broke the communication link. Wray tells them about how she got there, and isn't sure where the other three went. Greer finds TJ on one of the beds. Wray tells them that TJ was shot, but will recover. They ask about the baby, which Wray responds to with tearful silence.

Caine takes TJ to see a vibrant nebula in the sky. TJ notes that it wasn't there before, and he explains that it just appeared there the day before. He believes TJ might know why, but she doesn't. Caine thanks her for going back to Destiny so they could stay, and believes this is why the aliens saved her baby. However, he tells her that although her baby can stay, she'll have to return to Destiny. TJ refuses to accept this.

Scott, Greer, and Wray attempt to retreat to the hydroponics lab with TJ, but are pinned down by Alliance soldiers. In the hydroponics lab, Brody has begun to seal the vents to prevent the Alliance from venting the air supply; the remaining air will outlast the radiation burst. It's been fifteen minutes, so Rush decides to seal the room. Chloe and Eli want to wait longer, but Rush believes that they'll be discovered if they wait too long. Scott calls over the radio and orders them to seal themselves in. Dannic overhears them, but they don't give away their location.

TJ runs back into the cabin where her baby is and quickly picks her up. She refuses to leave without her. Caine points out that it's not up to TJ, since the aliens can send her away at will. He assures her that the baby will be taken care of.

In the caves on the planet, the group has found shelter. Young asks if everyone is ok, and tells them that there's no end in sight for the storm. Varro wonders how long it can last, to which Young responds by pointing out Varro's hand in choosing it. Varro notes that they'd have been shot otherwise. Lightning strikes near the entrance, knocking James on her back. She is in pain, but otherwise appears to be uninjured. Young and Varro attend to her.

Dannic wants to know if they've managed to restore the shields, but they cannot undo Rush's sabotage. Worse still, Ginn informs him that the shields will fail on the next burst. Dannic's men find Rush's group, but cannot get the door open. Dannic orders them to use explosives, but Telford, having limped his way to the gate room, quickly states that any blast large enough to open the door would kill everyone inside, and without Rush they have no hope of fixing the shields. Ginn adds that by the time they managed to set up the explosives, the radiation burst will have already hit them. Over the radio, Rush orders Dannic to surrender. Dannic claims he's bluffing, but Rush explains that the hydroponics lab will protect them. Ginn believes that it's possible, and Telford adds that Rush is a coward and wouldn't sacrifice himself. Dannic points out that some of Rush's people are still stuck outside, but Rush is willing to sacrifice them.

Dannic intends to call Rush's bluff, convinced Rush won't sacrifice his own people. Telford tries to convince him to surrender, but Dannic holds a gun on him to silence him. Watching over the Kino, Eli is convinced Dannic would rather die. Telford says that Dannic will get them all killed, but Dannic simply states that they came prepares to die. He strikes Telford with his gun when Telford calls him insane. Further convinced that they're not going to solve this situation peacefully, Brody asks Rush about the others. Rush simply states he's sorry. Dannic tells the others that the ship is important, and that they shouldn't give up when they're so close to their goal. Telford tells them not to listen, reasserting that Dannic is crazy and will get them killed. Dannic tries to kill Telford for his defiance, but Ginn shoots him in the back first, killing him. She agrees to Rush's demands, then looks at Telford, who gives a nod confirming that she did the right thing.

TJ names her baby Carmen, after the child's grandmother. Caine still believes that the aliens have a way to get them home. TJ points out that they haven't done so yet, and he can't explain why. He tells her that when she returns to the ship, no one will believe what's happened to her. He asserts that the most important thing this far from home is who you are and what you believe. It's up to her to decide whether this is a blessing or a curse. TJ awakens on Destiny. She asks Wray how long she was gone, but is informed by Wray that she never left the ship. Her baby is dead. TJ says nothing.

The crew is brought back to the ship. Young congratulates Scott and Greer, but they insist that Rush deserves the credit. The remaining Alliance soldiers are locked in a room while Young figures out what to do with them. Scott informs Young about the death of TJ's baby. With the shields restored, the ship jumps into FTL.

Everyone on the ship gets settled in. Young consoles TJ in the infirmary. Rush takes a rest in his quarters. Chloe examines the bullet scars on her leg, which have almost completely healed. Young drinks away his sorrows.

Brody and Volker are manning the control room when the ship comes out of FTL. Brody explains that the quick jump is due to the interruption by the Alliance; the ship was headed here when they arrived, so the remaining journey was short. They are out of range of the radiation. TJ gets up, against Wray's advice, and heads to the observation deck. Through the window, she sees the nebula that was visible in the sky on the planet. She smiles.


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Notable quotes

Eli: Just another day in outer space.

Varro: We've found a planet with a breathable atmosphere. We're putting you and your people off the ship.
Young: There is no way you have had enough time to determine long-term viability.
Varro: There's not a lot of options here.
Young: It's a death sentence.
Varro: Not necessarily. (Young looks at Varro's gun) Now you're thinking you've got nothing to lose. You could jump me, take my gun, kill the guard outside. But how far do you really think you'd get? You'd be shot and your people would still be sent to the planet, only without their leader. For their sake, I recommend you stay alive.

Rush: Dannic, this is Rush. I'm sorry to say, your men were unable to carry out their orders. Anyway, by now you'll have noticed that the countdown has stopped. That's because I've been draining power from the shields, and I will continue to do so until your men lay down their weapons.
Dannic: You and your people will die with the rest of us.
Rush: We're willing to die to prevent you taking over this ship. Can you say the same?

Dannic: Listen to me. You know why we came here. You know what this ship means. Are you really prepared to let it go, just when it's in our grasp?
Telford: You mean your grasp. (to everyone) Don't listen to him. He's crazy. He will kill all of us.
Dannic: No. Just anyone who tries to get in my way.

Caine: I have learned one thing in all of this, and it's that out here on the edge of the universe, who you are and what you believe is everything. So it's up to you to decide if this is a blessing or a curse.


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  • The song that played at the end of the episode was "After the Storm" by Mumford & Sons.
  • During the initial set up for the first five episodes, the episode (written by Paul Mullie) is the first episode in the second season, but would be the second to be filmed with "Pathogen" filming first to give director Robert Carlyle time to prepare.
  • This episode presents a new prologue sequence which shows various events from the previous ten episodes, including many of those which have nothing relating to the episode's plot.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Beavatkozás (Intervention)
  • Russian: Вмешательство (Intrusion)

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