The Interstellar cloud is a sentient gas-based lifeform in the Milky Way galaxy.


It is made up of corrosive gases able to burn through a 303 class ship's hull in just a few hours, with shields having little effect resisting the gas.

The composition of the cloud also prevents the hyperdrive emitter on the Prometheus from transferring power at an even rate, which makes a hyperspace window much too unstable to enter. It also prevents Prometheus' Sublight engines from engaging.


In 2004, Major Samantha Carter was trapped in the cloud, as well as the Prometheus and a mysterious alien spaceship. She discovered that the only way out was to dial down the power flow to the hyperdrive emitter to cause a partial shift into hyperspace, essentially taking Prometheus out of the cloud's space-time. It was just enough to eliminate the cloud's effects on the sublight engines, enabling the Prometheus to exit the cloud. (SG1: "Grace")


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