Unconfirmed Canon

The Intelix Netoworks was a massive intelligence gathering and sharing organization that existed within the Milky Way galaxy. Its databases contained large stores of information that was extremely valuable to outsiders. Due to its importance, it kept a secret atmo-compound because of the valuable information kept within its walls. As its role was information gathering, the Intelix Network was considered a bane and pox to the criminal underworld such as smugglers as their profiles as well as past activities were stored within its databases.

At some point, Vala Mal Doran assembled a group of smugglers including Plyko, Tonjiir Tigerman and Dorria Chak as part of a heist to steal some valuable data for her employer. The added incentive for the operation was to wipe their personal records from Intelix Networks databases. (SG1: "Vala Mal Doran 1")

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