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"Initiation" is the twelfth episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers SummaryEdit

Harrison becomes the voice of reason to a young alien who is trying to resist peer pressure during a dangerous tribal initiation.


R.J. Harrison, Rianna, Gus Bonner, Ec'co, Ave, Makua

Notable QuotesEdit

Gus: Enjoy your vacation, Harrison?
Harrison: I think I need a vacation from my vacation.

Harrison: Like an initiation. I know about those. Before I could join the school swim team I had to dive off the high board. Then they shaved my head and painted my rear end blue. (sigh) Those were the days.
Akua: That proved courage?
Harrison: Well, not really, but it did prove how much you wanted to be on the team.


  • Ec'co uses the term "earthquake" which would not be correct unless...well, they're on Earth. Ec'co doesn't come from Earth. The correct term for anyone with extensive interplanetary travel would be "planetquake."

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