This episode is a clip show: it is largely composed of clips of previous episodes.

"Inauguration" is the twentieth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


The newly inaugurated President of the United States, Henry Hayes, is briefed on the Stargate Program by his Vice President, Robert Kinsey. Kinsey once again attempts to install his own people at Stargate Command with the help of Agent Richard Woolsey. When Woolsey discovers Kinsey's true intentions, he must decide where his true loyalties lie.


The newly-elected President of the United States, Henry Hayes, walks through the White House, followed by an aide who tells him about current events. However, Hayes pays him little attention and instead looks around, seemingly overwhelmed by his first day. He enters the Oval Office and is greeted by General Francis Maynard, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who urgently wants to reveal the Stargate Program. However, the president wants to soak in the moment (he even takes off his shoes). General Maynard soon discloses the premises and necessity of the Stargate Program which the president takes as a joke. However, General Maynard quickly tells him that it is no joke.

Afterwards Hayes angrily asks Vice President Robert Kinsey, why he wasn't informed although Kinsey was. Kinsey uses this chance to expound on his grievances with the staff at Stargate Command and the need for change. During the evening, the President looks at some files from the Stargate Program and talks with General Maynard about it. During this discussion, General Maynard also complains about Kinsey's previous attempted take-overs of the Stargate (a scene from the episode "Disclosure" is shown here). They also discuss the NID and Kinsey's connection with the clandestine group.

Soon after, the president and General Maynard have a meeting with Kinsey and Richard Woolsey where they deliberate about the SGC. When General Maynard complains about the absence of Major General George S. Hammond who is hosting the clip show, Woolsey immediately cites Hammond as one of the problems. To further his case, he gives examples of the insubordination of SG-1 (flashback to "Upgrades") as well as alien incursion into the team (flashback to "Entity"). He points out several other “problems” with SG-1 and then delves into their psychological stability. Kinsey encourages the president to take action at the SGC soon. There are flashbacks to several other episodes ("Meridian", "Enemies", "Paradise Lost", "Evolution, Part 1", "Full Circle", "Maternal Instinct" and "The Fifth Race").

Following a break, they discuss other “mistakes” at the SGC and Woolsey complains about the close relationships between the team members of SG-1 (namely Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill). The president ends the meeting so as to make a fair assessment of the situation while Kinsey and Woolsey converse in private. During this discussion, Woolsey begins to have doubts about the President's connection to the Vice President.

Later, the President is informed by the aforementioned General Maynard about the pending threat from Anubis, describing the awesome power that the System Lord wields. However, he also brings to light to the ongoing search to find the Lost City of the Ancients. The President finally acknowledges the benefit and contributions of General Hammond and SG-1, looking past their previous mistakes and misdemeanors.

In secret, Woolsey meets with General Maynard to reveal his suspicions concerning the vice-president and his tactics. General Maynard tells Woolsey to find incriminating evidence to show up the unscrupulousness of Kinsey and his cohorts. To accomplish this goal, Woolsey meets with General Hammond, and reveals that he figured out that Hammond must have something on Kinsey; Hammond supposedly "retired" in 2000 and then was later reinstated after a relatively short time. Woolsey reasons out loud that Hammond was threatened in some way, and was able to get incriminating evidence on Kinsey that allowed him to return to the SGC. After a long moment of silence, Hammond entrusts to Woolsey a copy of the floppy disk secured by O'Neill and Harold Maybourne in "Chain Reaction" (a flashback is shown of Hammond receiving the disk from O'Neill) that holds Kinsey accountable for his actions. At last Woolsey meets with the president, relaying information about the many groups bent on unlawfully acquiring alien technology, and gives him the disk.


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Notable quotes[]

Maynard: Mr. President, I'm here to bring you up to speed on a program we've been running out of Cheyenne Mountain for the past seven years.
Hayes: I've already had my top secret briefing.
Maynard: Yes, Mr. President. But not this. Mr. President, for the past seven years the United States Air Force has been sending teams to other planets by means of an alien device known as a "star gate".
Hayes: That's funny. That's very funny. My first day. This is a joke, right? I have a great sense of humor—I didn't know that you had one—but this is good because we're finding out about each other. Now I have to call the ex-President of Togo, and when I'm done, apparently, the rest of the world is coming to an end.
Maynard: The ex-President of Togo will have to wait, sir. This is not a joke.

Kinsey: Mr. President, I realize this is a little overwhelming right now, but what you really need to know is that the Stargate is being seriously mismanaged. It's urgent that we act now.
Hayes: What are you talking about?
Kinsey: I have desperately tried to maintain some proper control and accountability, but the oversight in place is completely inadequate. The military—specifically the personnel directly involved in the SGC—need to be replaced immediately. Now, I have several recommendations regarding—
Hayes: Whoa, Bob! Hold on here.
Kinsey: Mr. President, why do you think I was ordered to keep quiet? This was a deliberate attempt by the military and the previous administration to drive a wedge between us. Because they knew I was going to come after them. We need to stick together on this.
Hayes: For God's sake, Bob! Think of the magnitude of this!
Kinsey: For God's sake is right.
Hayes: Oh come on, Bob. If you want me to buy into your holier-than-thou position you've gotta convince me you're right.

Hayes: (looking through the reports) Hosted alien dignitaries. Acquired alien technology. Traveled back in time? Did they really blow up a sun?
Maynard: As I understand it, sir, yes they did.
Hayes: That'd look awfully good on the old resume.

Hayes: This is my office, not yours. No matter what you may think you did to make this happen, don't you ever—for one second—forget that.
Kinsey: Yes, Mr. President.

Kinsey: Nice work today, Richard.
Woolsey: Really? I got the distinct feeling it didn't go so well.
Kinsey: Ah, well. It doesn't matter.
Woolsey: It doesn't?
Kinsey: Nah. The President's going to come around.
Woolsey: I didn't get that impression, Mr. Vice President. In fact I clearly sensed that he was siding with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
Kinsey: Today was a formality. Don't get me wrong. The job you did was vital. The President has to appear to be hearing both sides. Considering his position. But... he'll see things my way eventually.
Woolsey: And if he doesn't?
Kinsey: Things happen.
Woolsey: What is that supposed to mean?
Kinsey: It means you chose the right side, Richard. One way or another, I promise you... I'm gonna win this one.

Woolsey: I also hope history one day shows that... I tried to do the right thing.
Hayes: Whose version of history, Mr. Woolsey?


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  • The "scotch" that President Henry Hayes is drinking when he is in his office is actually iced tea, according to the DVD commentary.
  • According to the DVD Commentary for "Lost City", the scene where Henry Hayes removes his shoes reflects William Devane's actual desire to film his scenes without wearing shoes.
  • This episode takes place less than a month after the events of "Heroes, Part 2".
  • Along with "Disclosure", this is one of only two episodes where none of the regular characters except Major General George S. Hammond are featured. One of the clips used in this episode even is from "Disclosure".


  • This episode supposedly takes place on President Henry Hayes' first day in office. However, Richard Woolsey states that the events of "Heroes, Part 2" took place less than a month ago. During that episode, Senator Robert Kinsey simply refers to Hayes as his "running mate" and uses the phrase "if elected". Given that a President's first day is generally January 20 and the election is held on the first Tuesday of November, there is at least a 2½ month period between these events. In the real world, at the time of the episode being aired, the next presidential election would be in 2004 and the incoming president would be sworn in on January 20, 2005.
  • Woolsey states the events of "Entity" as being two years ago when it is fact has been three years.

Other languages[]

  • French: Lutte De Pouvoir (Power Struggle)
  • Italian: Inaugurazione (Inauguration)
  • Spanish: Toma De posesión (Taking Possession)
  • Czech: Inaugurace (Inauguration)
  • German: Der Neue Präsident (The New President)
  • Hungarian: Beiktatás (Inauguration)

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