In Passing is a short story, which was published by Fandemonium in Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: Homeworlds.


Jacob Carter and Selmak have passed, Samantha and members of Stargate Command are invited to the funeral on the first permanent Tok'ra settlement in countless generations. Old friends/associates are reunited and there are a few surprises for Sam and much bridge building to be done after the fall of the system lords.

Chronological Placement[]

The events depicted in this adventure take place between seasons eight and nine of Stargate SG-1.


An official extract from the short story:


In Passing

“UH…JACK?” In his peripheral vision, Jack could see Daniel hovering in the open doorway. Half-silhouetted and backlit from the briefing room, he had an aura about him reminiscent of the first time he'd been ascended. It made Jack do a double-take. But no, this Daniel was flesh and blood — again — and wearing what Jack had mentally dubbed his funeral suit. Jack had seen it too many times these past couple of years, including Catherine Langford's memorial service last week. And, not unexpectedly, here it was again.

“Everyone else is ready.” Daniel nodded in the general vicinity of the gate room. “We should probably go. We don’t want to be late.”

Jack bit back the well-conditioned first response that came to his mind. Keeping the Tok’ra cooling their heels was a bit of gamesmanship he would have had no problem with, under normal circumstances. But not today. He wouldn't do that to Sam, or the memory of Jacob Carter — although he was pretty sure Jacob might have appreciated the sentiment. Selmak too, for that matter. But, hey, they both were beyond the petty squabbles of this mortal coil now, and self-indulgently dragging his heels would only reflect poorly on Carter and the SGC, which was something he would not let happen. Not on his watch. And it was still his watch — for a while longer anyway.