Imbra Daileass is a female Satedan and was a member of the Satedan Guard until Sateda fell to the Wraith.


Background informationEdit

Afterwards she joined the Royal Republican Army on the planet Levanna serving under Safren Valless's command. She is an old friend of Ronon Dex, and during the attack on Sateda she was a member of the Ninth and was fighting Wraith off-world.

She settled on Levanna with several other survivors from the Ninth, and she became a major in the Royal Republican Army.


In 2009, she met Ronon who had come to Levanna with his team to warn the Levannan people about Death's plans to attack the planet. She took the team to General Valless to warn him of the attack. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

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