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"Identity" is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis.


Dr. Jennifer Keller's body is inadvertently taken over by a cunning thief, Neeva Casol. While Neeva tries to escape Atlantis, Keller finds herself imprisoned with a death sentence on another planet, forcing the team into a race against time to return Keller to her original body before she is put to death.


A woman, later identified as Neeva Casol, is standing in a hallway in Atlantis dressed in Dr. Jennifer Keller's jumpsuit. She appears disoriented, and stumbles into a lab occupied by Dr. Radek Zelenka. He asks her if she is looking for Dr. Rodney McKay, and she replies by asking where she is. Believing her to be ill, he takes her by the arm and attempts to lead her to the infirmary. She grabs a pair of pliers and stabs Zelenka, severely wounding him. Noticing her reflection in a nearby mirror, she stops: she is in Keller's body.


Neeva looks out on Atlantis

Leaving the lab, she encounters McKay, who asks why she hasn't been answering his calls. They are then both notified that Zelenka has just been stabbed, and that they need Keller to perform surgery. Neeva gets into the Operating Room, and requests that the other doctors handle it, as she feels ill and "needs to lie down". McKay comments to Ronon Dex that it looked almost like she had never held a scalpel before.

Identity 3

Neeva pulls a gun on McKay

Neeva is visited by Ronon, who is growing suspicious of her. Later, Dr. Carson Beckett examines her, stating that she has nothing physically wrong with her, and appears to be suffering from a psychological ailment. Neeva sneaks out of the infirmary and finds her way to the Puddle Jumper bay, hoping to leave the city. She finds a handgun and pockets it, and unable to activate one of the ships, she is caught by McKay. She tries to seduce him into taking her for a ride, asking him to take her to the mainland, but he resists. Still believing her to be Keller, he tries to get her back to the infirmary—but she pulls the weapon and threatens to shoot him. Ronon appears at the back of the Jumper and stuns her with his gun.

Keller finding the stones in janus's lab

Keller finds stones that eventually lead to Neeva being in her body.

"Dr. Keller" is moved to an observation room, and the team discusses possible reasons for her behavior. Richard Woolsey suggests that there might be an entity that has taken control of her, and McKay states that he could see in her eyes that she would have killed him. The team goes down to the room, where they manage to persuade Neeva to admit that she is not Keller. She and her accomplices were stealing Ancient artifacts on a different world when she suddenly found herself in Keller's body. McKay is able to corroborate her story by checking an SG-1 report detailing the Long-range communication device. The team decides to attempt to find Neeva's body, which they believe contains Keller's consciousness.

They plan to also shut down the device to return each woman to their proper bodies. In return for information leading to the world, Neeva demands that she and her accomplices be freed, along with a puddle jumper. The team refuses to grant her a puddle jumper, and Neeva reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Keller finds herself in Neeva's body, and is arrested by the villagers. The Magistrate refuses to contact Atlantis for her, because Neeva is a known and cunning liar. As the team, discovering that Keller will soon be executed, closes in on her location, Neeva's accomplices, Jannick and Bordal, rescue Keller moments before she would be killed.

Identity 2

Keller about to be mistakenly executed

The men don't realize that Neeva has traded bodies with someone, and treat Keller as their leader. They hide in a cave, where Keller makes them grow suspicious of her. They pull their weapons as Neeva, having escaped the custody of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team, steps into the cave. The two women share a long look at each other in their bodies, then Neeva attempts to explain the situation to her partners. The two thugs are still suspicious, however they leave the cave, where they are ambushed by angry villagers. Bordal is killed, and Neeva, in Keller's body, is wounded. Jannick and Keller escape, and the Atlantis team discovers Neeva. They rush her back to the village, where Carson removes the bullet and tends to her. Meanwhile, Jannick catches up to, and pulls a gun on Keller, now believing that she is most definitely not Neeva. Back at the village, Ronon shoots the device and it is deactivated. Just before Jannick is to shoot, Neeva and Keller switch back to their original bodies. A gunshot is heard, and Keller wakes up in her body.

Back at Atlantis, Keller apologizes to Zelenka for hurting him, and he assures her that it wasn't her fault. Major Evan Lorne finds no trace of Neeva, and she is presumed either dead or escaped. She is still a wanted fugitive on all Coalition planets, in the event that she ever does reappear. McKay brings Keller flowers and chocolates, and he asks that she go with him on a picnic trip in a Puddle Jumper to the mainland. She agrees.


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Notable QuotesEdit

Woolsey: I want a full investigation. Use every resource, no stone unturned. One of our people is lying in a coma...
McKay: ... Light coma.
Woolsey: and I want to know who is responsible.

Neeva: (in Keller's body) But you could take me for a ride.
McKay: What, now?
Neeva: Yeah. It would really help me relax.
McKay: Well, I thought Becket gave you pills for that?
Neeva: They didn't work.
McKay: Oh.
Neeva: Yeah, come on. Please? (Neeva moves in close and begins caressing McKay) Just you and me. Alone… Oh, you could take me somewhere secluded. We could… we could make love… underneath the stars.
McKay: Really?
Neeva: Would you like that?
McKay: Well… yeah! I mean, I'd have to get a blanket, though, because the mainland's ground cover is loaded with allergens.

(in a flashback)
Keller: Rodney, if we don't leave soon, we're not gonna get a good seat.
McKay: Yeah, almost – almost there.
Keller: C'mon, it's Dr. No! The first Bond movie! I don't wanna get stuck sitting behind Ronon again like last week.

Sheppard: Which way?
Neeva: (in Keller's body) This way. It's not far – a few hours' walk.
(She leads them away.)
McKay: A few hours?! You could have told us that before!
Sheppard: Wouldn't make any difference, Rodney, we can't get a Jumper in this forest.
Teyla: And the Daedalus is back on Earth.
McKay: Yeah, but I could have packed some extra power bars, some water – not to mention proper insoles.
Neeva: (to John, about Rodney) He complains a lot.
Sheppard: Only when he's awake.
Neeva: Is it true that Doctor Keller and he are...?
Sheppard: Hard to believe, huh?
(She looks back at Rodney.)
McKay: Yeah, keep walking!

Sheppard: (to Ronon) All right, Chewie. Start tracking.

Woolsey: What's the occasion?
McKay: Visiting a friend in the infirmary.
Woolsey: That's very thoughtful of you, Rodney.
McKay: I know.

Neeva: (in Keller's body) That's it. The vault containing the artifact is near the center of the village so we'll have to be quiet. Maybe only a few of us should go in, and I'm gonna need a weapon in case we run into some ...
Sheppard: No – we're not breaking into the room.
Neeva: What?
Sheppard: We're just gonna go talk to these people and ask 'em for help.
Neeva: Ah, they're not gonna help us. I tried to rob them.
McKay: They won't know you. You're in Jennifer Keller's body, remember?
Teyla: If you do not say anything, it should not be a problem.
Neeva: Ok, but what if they've captured her…me? Once we sever the connection, what's to stop them from keeping me locked up?
Sheppard: Mmm, nothing.
Neeva: Ah, "nothing."
Sheppard: You said we couldn't pursue you – you didn't say anything about them.

(Radek is lying in the bed next to Jennifer and Rodney finally notices him.)
McKay: Oh. Hey, Radek. How you doing?
Zelenka: (in a sulky voice) Better, thanks.
Keller: Again, Radek, I am so sorry for what happened.
Zelenka: It's not your fault. I told you – don't worry. I'm fine.
McKay: Yeah-yeah, of course he's fine. He's all perky and rosy-cheeked and ready to go back to work.
Zelenka: I don't know about that.
Beckett: He needs to get rest too, Rodney.
Keller: I agree. His wound was much more serious than mine.
McKay: Really? I mean, you were shot. He was just stabbed.
(Carson turns to Radek.)
Beckett: Perhaps I should wheel you to another room.
Zelenka: Just until he's gone, please. Thank you.


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  • This episode heavily references the events of the Stargate SG-1 episodes "Avalon, Part 2" and "Origin".
  • The "parasitic organism" mentioned throughout the beginning of the episode is the parasite that causes Second Childhood. Dr. Rodney McKay was infected by one and it was given as a theory to what is affecting Dr. Jennifer Keller.
  • When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team is searching for Keller in the forest, Sheppard says "All right, Chewie. Start tracking." to Ronon Dex, a reference to Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies.
  • When Keller (in Casol's body) suggests to create a diversion using an explosion, Jannick replies sarcastically "and why would they run towards an explosion". This is a similar to the conversation McKay had with Dr. Daniel Jackson in "The Lost Tribe".
  • In previous episodes, both Long-range communication stones had to be in a terminal in order to swap bodies. In the Stargate SG-1 episode "Origin", Jackson and Vala Mal Doran's bodies where rendered unconscious until they put the stones of the people they were connected to in the Ori galaxy into their terminal.
    • This is explained to be an effect of the wristbands they were wearing which made them unconscious.
  • Keller came in contact with the stone in Janus' lab that was discovered in the episode "First Contact."
  • In the picture of Keller's graduation, it appears as if her father is played by Carl Binder, the writer of the episode.
  • When Neva Casol describes their heist, one of the devices in the room looks very much like one of the rings of the Sangraal (second phase - the outer ring of the device's platform)
  • When Rodney, Sheppard and Ronon examine the Ancient long range communication terminal, one of the devices behind Sheppard appears to be the Genii atomic weapon.
  • The cancellation of the series was known by this time, so ironically this episode can be considered as a teaser or introduction towards Stargate: Universe's main concept, as an early reminder for the audience, featuring the Long-range communication stones, as they are playing a crucial role in the storyline of Universe and used on a daily basis, making sure the audience won't get lost where this technology originates from and how did humans acquire them.
  • In Stargate SG-1, we learn that the stones need to be activated by someone that has the ancient gene, but once activated anyone can use it. After Janus's lab is found by Dr. McKay and Dr. Daniel Jackson, John Sheppard is shown to pick up one of the stones, thus activating it. This would explain why Dr. Keller could be effected by it even though she doesn't have the ATA gene. SGA: "First Contact"
  • Jonathan Holmes (Magistrate) previously played Dr. Hugh Bricksdale in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Endgame".
  • Karin Konoval (Second in Command) previously played Dr. Sandy Van Densen in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Prophecy".
  • Todd Thomson (Bordal) previously played Ramius' First Prime in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Evolution, Part 1".
  • The sentences Radek is muttering in Czech (as a response to Rodney trivializing Radeks stab wound) as Beckett moves him are "Možná že bych měl bodnout jeho, to by bylo nejlepší, by jsme ho už normálně takhle... už toho mám dost." which translates to "Maybe I should stab him, that would be for the best, this way we would... I've had enough of this.".


  • Despite the Magistrates claims that the executioner's "blade is sharp" in the close-up shot of Neeva Casol/Dr. Jennifer Keller as he readies it is obviously fake.
  • In the SG-1 episode  "Avalon, Part 2", the stones touched by Jack O'Neill and Joe Spencer are stated to have been reset through technology before Vala and Daniel were able to use them.
  • Despite being shot with a double barreled shotgun Neeva appears to have a bullet removed from her body by Dr. Beckett. While shotguns rarely are loaded with anything but not actual shot, the "bullet" (one piece solid projectile) in that case would be called a slug.
    • And it would be much larger.
  • In the scene where Neeva takes a M9 pistol from the puddle jumper, we again see a fully loaded gun lying in the open (okay, in a case). There are some serious security issues on Atlantis in regard to firearm safety. Although she does not actually fire it, so we do not know for sure whether it was loaded.

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