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The Icarus Base was an off-world Tau'ri base built in 2007, twenty-one light years from Earth on the planet P4X-351, in the Milky Way galaxy, which housed a Stargate. It contained a runway and several F-302 fighter-interceptors. It was also protected by a number of RG/BBT SG military mounted gun emplacements. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Human")

Base configuration[]

The base itself was unique in that it was built into a planet that had a unique Naquadria core which provided sufficient power to dial a 9th chevron address. This world was the first world discovered to naturally produce Naquadria, the other being a Icarus-like planet discovered by the Lucian Alliance. Naquadria was also produced on another world in the Milky Way galaxy called Langara artificially. Naquadria is known to be highly unstable and while it emits tremendous energy it also emits an equivalent amount of radiation as it destabilizes, giving the core of the planet a unique radioactive state. As an added safety feature, due to the highly volatile nature of the core, the Stargate deployed on this world was configured in such a way that it could not receive incoming wormholes, as such an event could have triggered instability in the planet. The Stargate itself was configured to draw power directly from the planet's core rather than the attached Dial Home Device so it could dial a 9th chevron address once the coordinates were successfully unlocked.

The base itself was constructed inside a mountain on the surface of the planet, much like Stargate Command and various offworld Tau'ri bases in the Milky Way galaxy. The mountainside had a single defense emplacement which housed the RG/BBT gun emplacements and several additional 50cal weapons.

Icarus base also housed a type of shielding in the bunker complex that prevented transport with Asgard transporters. This was designed to prevent intruders from entering the facility via this technology. Instead, personnel and equipment were beamed to the outer defensive area and brought inside.

The base housed a number of military and civilian personnel, including some not directly related to the research project. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


At some point, the base on P4X-351 was used as a Lucian Alliance mining facility. A Tau'ri operative within the Alliance revealed it to Stargate Command as a possible location for the Icarus project. (SGU: "Human")

According to Senator Armstrong the total cost of Icarus Base including operations and maintenance is $1.6 billion US dollars.

In 2009, the George Hammond was sent to transport Dr. Nicholas Rush, Eli Wallace, Senator Alan Armstrong and Chloe Armstrong to Icarus Base for an attempt to dial the Stargate's ninth chevron. The Stargate was not used to travel to the base because the planet on which Icarus Base resides on contains a radioactive core made of Naquadria, which could possibly become unstable after the dialing of an incoming wormhole. This powerful core proved to be the only power source capable of dialing in the ninth chevron. The cost of Icarus Base was 1.6 billion dollars, the funding of which nearly cost Senator Alan Armstrong his entire career, and, without his belief in the program, it never would have been approved. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Main article: Battle of Icarus Base

In 2009, the Lucian Alliance launched a force of several Ha'tak motherships, Death Gliders, and Troopships attacked Icarus Base as part of their campaign against the Tau'ri. This prompted an evacuation. In the ensuing battle, Colonel David Telford engaged the attacking forces in an F-302 fighter-interceptor. In desperation, Dr. Nicholas Rush, with the help of Eli Wallace, figured out how to dial the nine-chevron address. Using Earth's point of origin, they cracked the code, and Rush dialed the Stargate to the Ancient vessel Destiny instead of Earth. The base's personnel were able to evacuate.

When the base came under attack, the core of the planet destabilized, resulting in the complete destruction of the planet. The attacking Alliance forces failed to anticipate this outcome, resulting in the complete destruction of the attacking fleet. The George Hammond, which was defending the base from orbit, managed to locate all but approximately 80 of the Icarus base personnel and evacuate before the planet was destroyed. Colonel Samantha Carter reported that the remaining personnel who could not be accounted for were inside the base and could not be beamed out, however, readings indicated that the Stargate was active for six minutes before the planet's core went critical. It wasn't until Rush reported to the Homeworld Command from Destiny via the Long-range communication device, that Lt. General Jack O'Neill and others learned that these people were safe, albeit stranded, aboard the ship. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2")

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Behind the scenes[]

  • The Icarus set was built and is located in Stage 5 of Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, which used to be the location of the sets for the Stargate Command control room and briefing room, which are now dismantled. Next to it are the sets of the Destiny in Stage 4, and the Atlantis control room and Gate room in Stage 6.


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