The Hydroponics Lab is an area on board the Destiny where the crew is growing some of their own produce. The food grows in a green gel instead of in soil. Jeremy Franklin has taken it upon himself to oversee the lab. As overall crew morale dwindled, Franklin was, at first, completely distraught that nothing was growing; however he was simply too impatient, as soon after, he witnessed the first sprout. (SGU: "Life")

Produce includes a "sweet" potato, which is disgusting to human taste buds, a tomato "sort of" with an unfamiliar but more tolerable taste, they are also working on a Soy-based protein, some of the produce has even been used to create alcoholic drinks. They are also working on strawberries. (SGU: "Space")

During the Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny, Brody, Eli, Chloe and Rush took refuge here as it was deep enough within the ship to be protected by the hull from a pulsar wave even without the shields. The plants would also provide enough oxygen for a while even if the lab lost life-support. Thanks to this, the group was able to force the Lucian Alliance forces to surrender. (SGU: "Intervention")


Behind the scenesEdit

The cylindrical garden in the hydroponics lab is an actual hydroponics product called a Volksgarden TM.

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