Three Hunter Wraith searching for Kiryk.

Hunter Wraith are Wraith who hunt runners.


Hunters are typically organized into small teams and deployed through the Stargate during their hunt for runners. They were aided in this by the implantation of a Wraith tracker inside the runner's body to prevent easy removal. The Hunters make use of a Wraith tracking system to locate and kill the runner. It is unknown why they hunt runners, but it may be for training or recreational purposes.

Some wraith seem to be either bred or genetically altered in order to make them specialist hunters, as seen in the episode Sateda, where there is a wraith with eyes which have better than average night-vision.


A number of Hunters were dispatched to find and kill the runner Kiryk but were prevented from accomplishing their goal due to interference from the Atlantis expedition. Once they secured the planet's Stargate, Kiryk attacked and dialed another planet with the hunters in hot pursuit after him. (SGA: "Tracker")