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Humans are a species (or race) that are prolific in several galaxies.



Humans originated in Celestis, a planet in a distant galaxy. Originally known as the Alterans, they split in two peoples, the Ancients and the Ori. The Ancients later seeded the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies with Humans, as both galaxies seemed to be devoid of sentient life. The Ori later created a new evolution of Humans that served as their worshippers. Humans were found to be good hosts for the parasitic Goa'uld who would take over control of the host's body. The Goa'uld spread humans across the Milky Way galaxy as they traveled. Human life forces are also the means of nourishment for the Wraith.


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Humans have two primary sexes; male and female. Intersex individuals do occur but are less common. Like most other races, humans reproduce sexually. Humans must consume food and water periodically to stay alive, but can live up to four or five days without water and longer without food, depending on fat reserves. (SGA: "Hide and Seek")

Some humans naturally possess the Ancient Technology Activation gene if they are direct descendants of Ancients.


Human culture is one of the most (if not the most) diverse cultures in the known universe.

Milky Way humans

In the Milky Way galaxy, all humans originate from Earth, mostly brought to other planets by Goa'uld as hosts and slaves. Few of their descendants are still in the status of worshiping the Goa'uld as gods. Some other planets were abandoned and forsaken by their "gods" allowing inhabitants to live and evolve by themselves. Therefore, civilizations on these planets may become very advanced (such as Tollans). Alternatively some human civilisations have been shown to reproduce their culture through many generations with little or no changes. Before the fall of the Goa'uld and the Asgard, 27 planets in the Milky Way galaxy were safeguarded under the Protected Planets Treaty; including Earth. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1")

Pegasus humans

In the Pegasus galaxy, human life was seeded by the Ancients on an unknown number of planets. At the present time humans live on many planets under constant threat of Wraith cullings. Some of them worship the Ancients as gods, and a very select few have become Wraith worshippers. While some cultures passively wait in fear from one culling to another, some make attempts to break this vicious cycle, building shelters in an attempt to hide from cullings.

Others have found ways to fight the Wraith (like the Genii, the Satedans and Hoffans). The Travelers chose to completely abandon their home planet(s) and have been able to avoid any contact with Wraith by creating generational ships and living in space for generations. (SGA: "Poisoning the Well", "Underground", "Sateda", "Travelers")

Alteran Home Galaxy humans

In the Alteran Home Galaxy, human life was seeded by the Ori on an unknown number of planets after they ascended. These humans became the Alteran people, and eventually abandoned their galaxy in an effort to spread their religion of 'Origin'.

Unnamed galaxy humans

In an unnamed galaxy, where human life descended from the descendants of an alternative Destiny expedition. The people have scattered around the galaxy to several dozen planets and founded off-world colonies. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue", "Blockade")

Some civilizations possess heritage from the Ancients. Sometimes on these planets, the ability to control Ancient technology makes a human the rightful ruler in the eyes of fellow citizens. (SGA: "The Tower", "Harmony")


A representation of a human body, albeit infected with nanites.

Further along the line of Human evolution, into Near ascension, provides a number of unique abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy and similar such talents. Some Ancient technology can also give humans these abilities. (SG1: "Metamorphosis") (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

A person that makes use of 68% of their brain at any one time can make use of these advanced abilities (more become available as one evolves further.) A human that reaches 90% is even capable of willfully reaching Ascension. (SG1: "Prototype")

Species descended from Humanity/Ancients

Evolution Tree

The Ori
The Ancients
Iratus bug
Alteran Home Galaxy
Pegasus Galaxy
Milky Way (Earth)
Human-form Wraith
Bug People
Michael's experiment

Near-Human species

Species, probably, evolved separately from Ancients or Earth's humanity, but in similar ecological conditions. As a result, these species are more or less human races, but with some physiological differences.