Hugh Griffin was a Captain in the United States Air Force and a crew member on board the Earth ship Daedalus.


Background informationEdit

He had, to a certain extent, an interest in Earth history, particularly in how Spain often debunks science from Italy, including the early misconceptions about the tomato, and Christopher Columbus proving that the Earth was round (though Columbus was in fact Italian). He was also a carrier of the Ancient Technology Activation gene, but it is unknown if he was a natural carrier or was given the gene therapy. (SGA: "Grace Under Pressure")


In early 2006, he flew a Puddle Jumper, which was repaired after it was shot down several months previously on Olesia. He was tasked with flying it from Atlantis to the mainland and back, with Dr. Rodney McKay checking the systems. However, on the way back, the ship unexpectedly malfunctioned, and crashlanded into the vast ocean. After they regained consciousness, they soon discovered the ship was sinking at 1,200 feet deep. When the viewing screen started cracking from the pressure, they evacuated to the rear compartment. However, the controls on the back wouldn't shut down the doors. Seeing no other alternative, Griffin sacrificed himself, by overriding the control from the front of the ship. Seconds after the door closed, the screen gave way to the pressure, and Griffin was crushed under the pressure of the ocean. (SGA: "Grace Under Pressure")


  • Though he was only known as Griffin by McKay, his identity patch shows his first name is Hugh.
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