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"Hot Water" is the sixth episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers SummaryEdit

R.J. Harrison learns that bragging can backfire when he boasts about his swimming ability, then is forced into a dangerous underwater race on a planet almost completely covered with water.


Arriving on a waterworld, the team makes for a nearby island after losing one of their vehicles while Da'kyll reports to Hah'lak that he knows where Draga is. The councilman sends a pair of bounty hunters after them behind Da'kyll's back. Ec'co, Draga, and Seattle Montoya get captured by the local amphibious natives and take the rest of the team to meet them. The locals, the Su'ri, welcome them once they are sure of the "landers"' motives. The bounty hunters negotiate with Sargall, one of the younger members, to have him turn over the team in return for medicine. Driven by jealousy toward Harrison, Sargall helps the mercenaries by helping them capture Seattle to lure in Draga and then challenges Harrison to a dangerous race. While Gus tries to rescue R.J., Draga gets captured and Ec'co and Stacey give pursuit. Harrison rescues Sargall from a monster and then Gus leads the monster to the escaping mercenaries as they enter the Stargate without their captives and it ends up attacking a waiting Hah'lak.

Notable QuotesEdit

Tulana: (talking about Harrison) I've never met someone with as much to say about himself as you.

Sargo: (talking about Harrison) That lander reminds me of a hurricane. A big wind that blows hard.

R.J.: Did I tell you how I won a gold medal for swimming?
Stacey: Not since breakfast.



Daratall, Su'ri, Su'ri planet

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