This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Horus Guard 2 was Abydonian who was part of the Horus Guard serving under Ra when he visited Abydos for the final time.


Background informationEdit

He was born on Abydos and conscripted into the service of the Supreme System Lord Ra to serve as one of his Horus Guards. (Stargate)


He arrived on Abydos with Ra in his Cheops class warship. He was on guard in the Temple of Ra when Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Lt. Charles Kawalsky and Lt. Brown returned. He shot Brown with his Staff weapon and along with Anubis and Horus captured O'Neill and Jackson and brought them before Ra. Ra ordered him to remove his helmet and reveal his face. O'Neill managed to get Anubis' Staff weapon and killed him. (Stargate)

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