Hor-Aha was a male Tau'ri.


Background informationEdit

He was a pharaoh in ancient Egypt in the 32th Century BC. After the rebellion against Ra, he appointed Samantha Carter his chief architect. By 3125 BC, Teal'c's symbiote was approaching maturity. Since all the Goa'uld in Egypt had been killed during the uprising, he could not procure another and asked Jack O'Neill to kill him to prevent his symbiote from taking a host.

However, O'Neill refused to do so and got the position from Hor-Aha to quickly dig out the Stargate so that they could travel to another planet and acquire another symbiote for Teal'c. Although Hor-Aha was initially reluctant to grant Jack's request, he eventually agreed to do so. (SG1: "Moebius Squared")

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