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"Hope" is the fourteenth episode in the second season of Stargate Universe.


Another consciousness finds its way into Chloe Armstrong's body through the Long-range communication device while Dr. Dale Volker succumbs to an illness that Lt. Tamara Johansen may not be able to treat.


A group of people are forced to evacuate to Destiny after an attack on Icarus Base by the Lucian Alliance, and are now trapped there. Dr. Nicholas Rush breaks the master code and discovers the Bridge. After the rest of the crew discovers the bridge, Rush asks Colonel Everett Young to embrace Destiny's mission. After a failed Alliance invasion, Homeworld Command believes an attack on Earth is being planned. Young is grief-stricken over the death of Sgt. Hunter Riley. Simeon kills Dr. Amanda Perry and Ginn. While Camile Wray and MSgt. Ronald Greer are on Earth, the Alliance launches an attack and place a Naquadria bomb in Homeworld Command. Varro gives Senator Michaels and Dr. Andrew Covel instructions on how to disarm it.


It has been six days since the Lucian Alliance attack on Homeworld Command. Despite having someone using the Long-range communication device at all times, there has thus far been no word from Earth. In the Communication lab, Chloe Armstrong comes in to take her shift on the device, relieving Dr. Dale Volker. Volker seems dizzy upon standing up, but passes it off as his leg being asleep.

Dr. Nicholas Rush and Eli Wallace are playing chess on the Observation deck. Rush checkmates Eli, then recommends that Eli put more effort into the next game as he sets up the pieces. Eli is worried about the people on Earth, since they have no way of knowing if the Lucian Alliance bomb was defused. Rush just tells Eli to play again, since it will keep his mind off it.

In the Control interface room, Volker and Dr. Adam Brody argue over the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which Volker refers to by its proper name of "Also sprach Zarathustra". Brody wonders why Volker bothered using the proper name when it's famous in context. Volker just says that it was the thing that made him want to be an astrophysicist, which is what Brody asked. Brody gets him to admit that he heard it from the movie. Volker becomes dizzy again, but before they can discuss it, Chloe seems to be taken over by the communication device.

In the comm lab, Colonel Everett Young addresses Chloe to find out who has contacted them. To his surprise, it is Ginn. Joined by Rush and Eli, Young listens as Ginn explains what she remembers. She is not aware of having died, her last memory being her interview at Homeworld Command in Dr. Amanda Perry's body. When she realizes that she is not in her own body, Young explains that Simeon killed her, which also killed Perry. Rush theorizes that her consciousness may have somehow been separated from her body due to the link being severed improperly.

In the infirmary, Lt. Tamara Johansen is examining various Ancient medical devices. With Destiny's database now fully accessible, she can finally figure out what they do. Volker comes in, hoping to get something to help him sleep. As she prepares something, he collapses.

Young, Rush, Lt. Matthew Scott, and Eli discuss Ginn's unexpected return. Rush theorizes that Ginn's murder caused the link between her and Perry to terminate improperly, causing her consciousness to become "dislodged", which Eli compares to an errant radio signal. Scott wonders why Chloe was affected when no one else does, which Rush attributes to her falling asleep during her shift, which relaxed her consciousness enough for Ginn to make a connection. Young seems unconvinced, and Rush quickly points out that it's just conjecture. Scott is more concerned with where Chloe's mind is while Ginn is using her body. Lt. Vanessa James tests one of the stones to see if she'll connect to Earth, but nothing happens. Wherever Chloe is, it isn't Earth.

TJ examines Volker. He admits that he's been feeling ill for nearly a month. She diagnoses him with high blood pressure, so he explains that he was taking blood medication prior to boarding Destiny, having run out not long after. He never told her because he thought she couldn't do anything and felt fine regardless. TJ points out that hypertension is often symptomless and is quite dangerous. TJ decides to analyze his blood work, though Volker thinks he can just sleep it off. She later visits him in his quarters, informing him that his kidneys are failing from end-stage renal failure. Since both kidneys are affected by the disease, the next stage on Earth would be dialysis. Since none of the Ancient medical devices can fill that function, the only option available is a transplant.

Eli catches up with Ginn, telling him about how Rush killed Simeon. He relates how he wanted to go, too, and protests her assessment that he would have gotten hurt if he tried. She kisses him, but he backs away since she's in Chloe's body. She wonders if she can be put back in her body, but Eli informs her that they buried her on the next planet they stopped at after her death. Ginn is concerned about where she'll end up if she leaves Chloe's body, so Eli tries to reassure her by pointing out that they don't know where Chloe went. Ginn tells him how she's been trying to remember more about what happened, only to start gasping for air as if being strangled. Eli calls for help, but she recovers moments later.

Ginn is brought to the infirmary, but TJ can find nothing wrong with her. Rush speculates that, since Ginn was strangled to death, she experienced a relapse of sorts. Scott believes that it would be best to deactivate the stones. Rush and Eli argue against this, citing the need to study the phenomenon. Young agrees with them, hoping the episode was a one-time event. As they leave, TJ stops Young to inform him of Volker's need for a kidney transplant. Young questions whether such surgery can be performed without a trained doctor on hand, but TJ believes the Ancient database may have information in that regard. Before that, however, TJ will need to find a compatible donor among the crew. With no immediate family, the odds of that happening are low. Young tells her to take it one step at a time, starting with finding a donor so they'll know if surgery is even an option.

Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer come to the infirmary at TJ's request. There are 18 people on the ship with a compatible blood type, Scott and Greer among them. She needs to take blood samples from them. Greer is quick to go first, citing the fact that Marines always go first. Scott asks about the chances of finding a compatible donor, which TJ tries to spin optimistically with little success. Scott assures her that she's capable of doing the job, but TJ doesn't seem convinced.

Eli visits Ginn to inform her of his and Rush's progress, or lack thereof. She explains that something doesn't feel right about being connected to Chloe, a feeling she can only describe as "wrong". Eli assures her that they will find a solution.

Rush visits Young in his quarters to discuss Volker's surgery, stressing the dangers of it. Young asks if Rush is a possible donor, checking his motives. Rush isn't, so he allows him to continue. Rush points out that a transplant puts two lives in danger, but Young refuses to do nothing.

Over the radio, Eli calls for help. Ginn is having a second choking episode, and Chloe's mind surfaces just before she loses consciousness. Ginn wakes up in the infirmary, where Eli informs her that she had another choking episode. Rush asks Ginn where she went when she switched with Chloe, but Ginn has no memory of the event. Scott has confirmed with Cpl. Barnes that the stones were not disconnected, which leads Rush to believe that Chloe's mind is simply being suppressed by Ginn's. Scott again suggests disconnecting the stones for Chloe's safety, and Rush and Eli again protest. Young insists that they will be disconnected upon the next choking episode, which is how long Rush and Eli have to find a way to get Ginn's mind out of Chloe safely.

As Eli, Scott, and Ginn return to her quarters, Ginn agrees with the order to disconnect the stones if she has another choking episode. When Eli insists that they'll find a solution before then, Chloe resurfaces. Eli and Scott quickly bring her up to speed, and Eli asks if she can sense Ginn within her. Before she can answer, Ginn comes back. As before, she can't remember the switch. Furthermore, she feels weaker than she did. Scott pulls Eli aside for an explanation. Eli speculates that Ginn's mind is slowly decaying. Even without disconnecting the stones, Ginn will be gone soon.

Dr. Lisa Park, Brody, and Volker are helping TJ comb through the Ancient database. They've supplied TJ with a translation program so she can understand the text. Brody finds a ligature device which cauterizes as it cuts. Volker locates a database entry on organ rejection, which is 176 pages long. Park notes that there are other post-op concerns, such as infection, high-blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction. The last one causes Park, Brody, and TJ to burst out laughing, though Volker is considerably less amused.

Rush and Eli run diagnostics on the communication device. Rush isn't confident it's even working properly. Young is curious about their plan for Ginn. Eli explains that they are attempting to intercept Ginn's signal and download it into the ship's computer. This will preserve her consciousness until they can find a way to download her into another body.

TJ's tests reveal two compatible donors: Greer and Dr. Morrison. Morrison is worried about the risks, but Greer volunteers on the spot. Young assures him that he can take some time to consider it, but Greer has made up his mind. The first step is to extract some bone marrow from Greer, which will be used to prevent Volker's body from rejecting the kidney. Greer declines any medicine for the procedure. Volker thanks him for volunteering, but Greer passes it off, since he believes Volker would do the same. As TJ prepares to extract some bone marrow, Greer jokingly screames in pain the moment the needle touches him. James gives him a light smack on the head for messing with them. Getting serious, Greer manages to resist the pain as she inserts the needle.

Scott comes to visit Eli and Ginn, wondering about the status of their plan to remove Ginn from Chloe. Eli doesn't have any good news about downloading her mind from the stones, but Rush is still working on it. Chloe resurfaces, and Eli explains that they've been switching more frequently. She feels tired, which Scott believes is a sign both her and Ginn are being affected. Eli explains their plan to remove Ginn, and Chloe insists on giving them chance to do so for Ginn's sake. Ginn returns, so Scott pulls Eli aside once more. He's worried about the continued risk to Chloe, but Eli is set on saving Ginn. Unexpectedly, Amanda Perry takes over Chloe's body. Rush is happy to see her, having wondered if she might manifest like Ginn did.

On the bridge, Eli explains to Young that Perry was likely in Chloe the entire time. Regardless, Chloe's mind is becoming more dominant, which means both Ginn and Perry don't have much time. Perry's consciousness is also weaker than the other two, which is why she only surfaced recently. Rush suggests using the interface chair to download their minds from Chloe, similar to how Dr. Jeremy Franklin's mind was uploaded after he disappeared during his second use the chair. Rush admits to having spoken to Franklin, and explains that he deactivated the neural link following the incident where the ship projected a battle scenario into Young's mind. Young points out that Rush's ideas always seem to lead to the chair. Scott notes that it was of no help when Chloe was being transformed by the Nakai pathogen, but Rush counters that this situation is one he understands. Scott is worried about the risks, but Rush insists that there is little chance of Chloe being harmed. Scott insists that Chloe, Ginn, and Perry must make the choice for themselves.

In the infirmary, Greer and Volker are waiting for the surgery to begin. TJ excuses herself after preparing the tools. Volker admits that he's never liked hospitals or doctors. Greer comments that they aren't in a hospital, nor is TJ a doctor, so he be fine. It's less reassuring than Volker would have liked. Regardless, even in this situation, Volker is glad to be on Destiny, a sentiment which Greer echoes. Volker relates how he used to sit in his backyard at night, watching the stars through his telescope.

Scott informs Chloe of Rush's plan. Chloe readily agreeing, more concerned with the continued existence of Ginn and Perry than her own safety.

TJ is on the observation deck, nervous about performing major surgery. Young comes in looking for her. He notes that both Greer and Volker are willing to take the risk. He says he won't order her to do the surgery, since she knows it must be done and only she can do it.

Rush speaks to Perry about the procedure, explaining that he hopes one day to remove her mind from the computer and put it in a new body. Perry has dreamed of such a thing ever since the accident that crippled her.

When TJ returns to the infirmary, Greer and Volker are absent. Brody and Park failed to notice their exit. Greer has brought Volker to the Destiny garden, his attempt to give Volker a "backyard" to watch the starts from. He assures Volker that they will come out of this. TJ radios Greer, looking for both him and Volker. Greer just tells her they went for a walk to get some fresh air.

As TJ begins the surgery, Brody plays "Also sprach Zarathustra" to help Volker relax. Realizing that the song isn't very relaxing, he tries to turn the player off, only to end up playing "Dragostea Din tei" instead. Unable to shut it off, he pulls out the batteries. TJ starts on Greer.

Eli meets with Ginn to discuss the procedure. She is much more apprehensive about it than Chloe and Perry, unsure as to what existing as a computer program would be like. The idea of suddenly being switched off scares her, though Eli insists that the only thing they could disable is her ability to communicate. He assures her that it's merely a temporary solution, until they find a way to give her a new body. Even so, he believes that just being able to see her real face and hear her real voice would be enough for them. Before Ginn can respond, she begins choking again.

TJ is in the process of removing Greer's kidney. Young radios in to check on her progress, informing her that they intend to remove Ginn and Perry from Chloe immediately following Ginn's latest choking episode. TJ can't leave to assist, so they go on without her. TJ successfully removes Greer's kidney, while Rush begins the transfer. Doing so causes Ginn to relive the moment of her death, and with the transfer in progress they cannot disconnect her. Power fluctuates all over the ship, shutting down the database and bringing TJ's surgery to a halt. Destiny eventually compensates, though database access and several other systems are still down. Young orders Chloe to be removed from the chair, despite Rush not being sure if the transfer succeeded. Chloe is unconscious upon removal, but wakes up in her room with no apparent side effects.

Without database access, TJ is at a loss as to how to proceed. Perry appears to TJ, though no one else in the room can see her. Perry now has access to the medical database and can talk her through the operation. TJ tells the others that she'll explain what's happening later. Rush, meanwhile, notes that two new programs have appeared in the system, one of which is accessing the database. With Perry's help, TJ completes the surgery successfully. Perry disappears before TJ can thank her.

TJ explains to Young that she'll begin the stem cell treatments to prevent Volker from rejecting the kidney, but for now everything has gone smoothly. Greer is confident Volker won't reject it. Young praises her work. Young is radioed by Barnes, who asks him to come to the communication lab. Colonel David Telford has made a connection. It had taken them this long to restore functionality to their device. He confirms that the bomb was disarmed.

In the infirmary, Brody asks if Volker has gone to the bathroom, since the kidneys are responsible for waste processing. Volker confirms that he has. TJ recommends that Volker take a walk around the infirmary to help speed his healing. Brody makes an excuse to leave, so Park offers to help Volker around. TJ examines Greer's suture, which seems to be infected, though Greer believes he's fine. TJ just intends to change the dressing.

On the bridge, Perry appears to Rush. She thanks him for saving her. She describes her new state of being as "freeing". Later, Ginn appears to Eli. He was initially worried since she hadn't appeared as quickly as Perry did. Though she cannot touch him, the fact that they can see each other is enough. She reaches out to touch him, but her hand just passes through his cheek.


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Notable quotes

Park: How's that translation program working for you?
TJ: Good. A lot of information here. Some, some good stuff about organ transplants.
Brody: Hey, do you see this? According to the database, this is kind of a ligature device. Cuts and cauterizes at the same time.
TJ: I thought it did something like that, but I could never get it to work.
Volker: Hey, TJ. There's a whole section here on stem-cell-like procedure for post-op anti-rejection. It's only a hundred and seventy-six pages. A little light afternoon reading.
Park: Still a lot of other potential post-operative drawbacks. Infection, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction.
(TJ, Park and Brody begin to laugh)
Volker: Why is that funny?

Volker: I have never liked hospitals or doctors.
Greer: Well, this is not a hospital, and TJ is no doctor, so you're fine.
Volker: Thanks, that's comforting. All things considered, though, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Greer: I hear that.
Volker: I mean, I miss home. Sitting in the backyard, warm summer night, sipping a beer, staring at the stars through my telescope, you know. I loved that backyard.

TJ: So far, so good. I, ah, started the stem cell infusions. Over time we'll wean him off of it as he reached a chimeric state. But hopefully his body won't reject the kidney. We'll just have to wait and see.
Greer: He won't reject it.
Volker: Great, no pressure.

(Eli is at the console. He turns to look at the doorway and sees Ginn.)
Eli: I was getting worried. I saw your consciousness in the memory bank, but you hadn't appeared to anyone yet, so I didn't know what to think.
Ginn: I know it's only temporary.
Eli: It is. I promise. But for now, it's, it's the best we can do.
Ginn: I thought about what you said. Just being here, seeing you, hearing your voice, it is enough.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode takes place six days after the events of "Alliances".
  • The plot device of the ship undergoing power fluctuations in the middle of a transplant procedure is reminiscent of the classic Star Trek episode "Journey to Babel".
  • The plot device of multiple personalities inside a single body is also used in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Lifeboat".


  • When Ginn first connects with Chloe Armstrong, she recounts her last memories to Colonel Everett Young. She refers to Homeworld Security, which was the original name of Homeworld Command. An in-universe explanation may be that Ginn's knowledge of the department is based on old intelligence acquired by the Lucian Alliance before the name change. An out-of-universe explanation may be a simple oversight in the dialogue.
  • A kidney transplant incision wouldn't be in the front abdomen; it would be behind the lateral obliques on the rear sides.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Remény (Hope)
  • Russian: Надежда (Hope)

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