"Unofficially it's being called Homeworld Security."
Elizabeth Weir

Homeworld Command (formely called Office of Homeworld Security) is a secret branch of the U.S. Government responsible for the defense of Earth. It's headquarters are located in Washington D.C. at The Pentagon.


Homeworld Security was originally created after the attack on Earth by Anubis and the Battle of Antarctica. Originally it was under the command of Lieutenant General George S. Hammond, though he retired and Homeworld Command is now commanded by Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill.

During the evacuation of Icarus Base, Colonel Everett Young grabbed a bag before travelling through the Stargate to the Ancient vessel Destiny. Within that bag was the Long-range communication device that allowed the people on the ship to communicate with Earth.(SGU: "Air, Part 1")

The connection communication device is located in a lab at Homeworld Command. Several members from Homeworld Command sign waivers that allow people on board Destiny to switch bodies with them so they can visit family and friends on Earth.(SGU: "We Volunteer To Do This")

Some time after the Destiny crew discover how the ship recharges, Colonel Young and Camile Wray are informed, at Homeworld Command, that their scientists have come up with a way to get them back home. (SGU: "Earth")

When it is believed that Colonel Telford is a spy for the Lucian Alliance, Colonel Young travels to Homeworld Command and informs Lt. General O'Neill. Dr. Nicholas Rush then takes over the body of Colonel Telford and attempts to locate the information proving this. (SGU: "Subversion")

From this base, Lt. General O'Neill co-ordinated the attack on the Lucian Alliance outpost.(SGU: "Incursion, Part 1")





Homeworld Command oversees many of Earth's defensive programs such as:


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Homeworld Command employs a great deal of personnel from military groups such as the Air Force, Army and the Marines. It also employs many scientists.


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